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A raunchy sex comedy is what it looks like on the surface when you hear about The Great Seduction for the first time because it may as well seem that the characters in it were trying to seduce one another for self-gain. This could be fun, but Netflix’s The great Seduction has taken a different direction. Rather than being like that, however, The Great Seduction is an amusingly funny and lighthearted comedy about people who live in a small town that is dying and who all do their best to seduce a certain doctor so he can come and reside there with them although they all expect some financial gain at the end.

Netflix’s The Great Seduction actually came out of Spain as an adaptation of Ken Scott’s 2013 underrated comedy film titled The Grand Seduction. Scott’s original storyline remains unchanged only this time round acted by Brendan Gleeson and Taylor Kirsch instead. In spite of having no strong international actors, Netflix’s The Great Seduction still manages to stand out by itself very clearly while also giving respect to its original.

With impeccable timing there are many humorous moments by the new cast which are bound to bring lots of laughs among viewers. Despite not being particularly hilarious, this does work subtly nevertheless. With its cinematography shots and staging plus some painlessly sweet music setting the mood early on, it seems like a toned down Spanish Wes Anderson movie— just slightly less stylized. It does take a little while to get into, and there are a few moments where audiences may tune out a little, but all in all, The Great Seduction is a nice 95-minute movie.

As mentioned earlier on this article Netflix’s “The Great Seduction” maintains almost similar plot as “The Grand Seduction” of 2013comedy movie scene . For several years now they have seen their rustic house crumble further into bankruptcy taking most of them away from the town. Most of them have finally had enough and begin to leave. As for Mateo (Guillermo Villegas), the main character of the film, he is probably going to be the only person who will put some effort into making his town prosper again but even though he doesn’t have a wife anymore and even Santa Maria’s mayor gave up on this place.

Therefore, Mateo and few remaining villagers tried saving their village with all means possible in their minds. They proposed an offer to a struggling company that would help bring in jobs to the people, build a factory on their property, and keep bringing business back to Santa Maria as well. However, company refused it giving one good reason – there was no doctor in Santa Maria. So Mateo makes deal that leads him into luring doctor over and thereby save his town.

Understandably, the doctor isn’t too keen on Santa Maria. It is old fashioned having no Wi-Fi, sports or anything else except one restaurant which has limited menu items. Nevertheless, it is up to locals themselves – they should seduce a physician together by introducing various activities including sports, entertainment and cuisine that he loves most among others like this because they want him around for long time with them here. The Dr., however soon identifies why she never left and understands there so much happiness in this small quaint little town of Santa Maria

There are very many hilarious moments in The Great Seduction. This ranges from the town hearing all the doctor’s phone conversations leading to many funny reactions and dynamics, to a boatsman who drives past our main characters with a cow on the front of his boat. Therefore, this film is filled with insane comedy that mostly works. Watching Santa Maria residents try out American football with watermelons on their heads is just plain silly.

Similarly, amidst all the madness and silliness there are plenty of subtle gags and conversations hidden underneath. It starts off small: talk about rock bands becomes adorably humorous. That might not sound interesting or funny at first sight but these instances are actually laugh-out-loud funny when accompanied by the movie’s use of music, cinematography, light-hearted tone and eccentric performances.

The cast ensemble for The Great Seduction is really amazing. Every member of this team creates a many-sided character full of kindness which also has excellent comic timing. Guillermo Villegas performs his role as the lead character in an endearing manner that will make him feel guilty about tricking and cheating on the doctor so that he can remain in Santa Maria permanently. Besides, he has great comic timing that makes us laugh every time without fail.

However, Hector Jimenez gives the funniest performance ever seen since Nacho Libre came out. Whether we are talking about athlete’s foot climbing high up his leg or his hatred for rock music—Jimenez is such a gas for followers who know him well and such a riot for those who do not

Yes, indeed it’s a funny movie but what makes it perfect is its heartwarming aspect. Right from its introductory scene “The great seduction” drips with heart and charm; sometimes too much (overkill). Its sound track helps create untroubled atmosphere while at the same time script adaptation together with performances succeed in creating eccentric yet believable characters worth caring about. The plot may sound silly, at least in theory but scriptwriters, Luciana Herrera Caso and Celso R. Garcia who also directed the film made this somewhat absurd plot worth suspending disbelief.

Moreover, every actor within the cast helps further establish the heart of this movie. To be fair, The Great Seduction is not by any means emotionally life-changing and touching as well as it does not attempt to be that’ s why it is really a good-hearted comedy.

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