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Annie Illonzeh and Charlie Weber wake up in a very interesting situation. The two have been kidnapped by Soul Mates, a matchmaking service, which chains them together and they are told by the Matchmaker (Neal McDonough) that they should sign up for their services to find their soulmates. But, what all of this means in reality is “I want to play a game.”

Again, you have someone or people waking up in an unusual place, like an intricate factory or warehouse maze, complex booby traps and sadistic game master on video screen plus some unforeseen twist at the end. It’s everything most horror fans have seen before so enjoyment of this picture is completely reliant upon if you feel like all those things are cliché at this point. For this reason alone, Soul Mates cannot get any worse. It is releasing after another movie from Saw franchise finishes its run but according to CinemaScore it was the best reviewed release in the history of entire franchise.

But then again crazy as it sounds trying to be entirely original must be avoided by aspiring writers everywhere because one will soon drive himself insane while at it. You should first focus on being successful instead of struggling with total uniqueness; come up with new ways of saying something old. Therefore Soul Mates does accomplish that — Saw through a romantic comedy lens. And yes there are some laughs here although some viewers may need specific kind.

Its subtle but the comic relief throughout comes mostly from the Matchmaker’s glib commentary and how ridiculous situations put them through. For example they had to save two lives by winning karaoke competition against assassins=And yet there occurred no other film maker who could just go along with this premise without making things sillier and even campish than Gantt did here . And it works wonderfully still others would probably prefer the issues dealt much more lightly.

In most movies like this though we never see outside the games or maybe just for a few minutes. On the other hand Soul Mates takes a different approach from this as it shows that Allison and Jason are set free with about 30 minutes remaining. But any serious filmgoer would know that there is going to be another twist after this and it will relate to something that many viewers would have anticipated.

It was actually Jason who arranged for the Matchmaker as well as Soul Mates to fall in love with him so now all of his previous actions may be viewed in completely different perspective. Also, he confesses that all deaths during the games were staged; well that’s a bit of a shocker unless, of course, he is lying. By then, his credibility is shot but if right then the movie turns into David Fincher’s The Game by ret-conning everything thus far and making it less menacing

Although it may be argued that the film Soul Mates is not an original one, it can still be described as a good movie. The standout performances in this film are delivered by actors Weber, Illonzeh and McDonough, who plays a fun role. Additionally, the directing and cinematography are well-executed; at its heart it’s a tight little thriller that poses some thought-provoking questions concerning love. Hence if you need another horror movie to watch besides Saw X during Halloween season then we suggest pairing it with Soul Mates. For lack of any other name for this movie but Saw Mates.

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