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Oscar Wilde’s classic short story receives a film adaptation with animation that is worth its salt and features a voice cast of British actors who can be called venerated. The Canterville Ghost will take children and adults to the moon and back from the first frame. I was in stitches within minutes. Character changes, plot twists and a thrilling climax that really struck home are what makes up this version of the story. The aesthetics of the film play are one of the many strengths that make it awe-inspiring to watch; beautiful background settings abound in every scene. There were even some slightly scary moments for scare babies like me. This 300 year-old ghost failing spectacularly at scaring off an American family from his cherished abode has never been done better.

When Hiram (David Harewood) and Lucretia Otis (Meera Syal), move into their late 1880s English country estate in England from Boston, it’s with different expectations all round. They couldn’t believe they were now owners of this elegant place bought thro’ such shrewd bargain hunting as they had done here! Furthermore, they didn’t give hoot about stories concerning ghosts or madness that drove previous tenants away. As uppity newcomers, these Yankees want to show traditionalist Brits where technology is headed. Their twin sons – Louis (Jakey Schiff) and Kent (Bennett Miller) – are dying to get into some mischief soonest possible time after settling down there. However, Virginia Carey Emily remains bitter over being relocated by her father at her age during our migration.

From within the walls Sir Simon de Canterville (Stephen Fry), gets ready to terrify anyone who dares step foot on his property here on earth again. Whoever dared set foot on his premises must have paid dearly for it because he would quickly deal with them by slaying them then drag their bodies away into his labyrinthine hideout. His trademark howling, shrieking and near transparency has its consequences. He had to leave in a hurry after his first encounter with Louis and Kent which left him almost traumatized. It’s because of this that Simon’s encounters with other family members do not go any better. In the last stage of the play, prior to being run away by Martha holding some medicine there are scenes of scolding.

Only Virginia among Otis’ children is fascinated by Sir Simon himself. She even gets hold of a book that tells her about the chase called Canterville Chase and what tragedy happened there. Also, she notices a fashion forward girl who wears “pantaloons”, can fence like an expert fencer or horse ride like soldier of the calvary. They become friends until they fall out because of her hated neighbor.

Virginia rescues the Duke of Cheshire (Freddie Highmore) from falling down a cliff in a heroic act. The shy young gentleman falls in love with this American girl who shows off her beauty excellently well without opening her mouth for English snobs whose behavior can be clearly written on her face when she sees them anywhere around their new estate, Her parents would be ecstatic at such event since they wanted so much to join aristocracy but this will also create more problems for them as Cheshire family caused so much pain to Mr de Canterville; he loathes them for it and wishes them dead as soon as possible rather than live under one roof anymore . At least one cannot now accuse him of not trying hard enough to oust these unwelcome guests from his home.

In The Canterville Ghost, Wilde enhances an already witty story by adding clever details throughout it. Her attitude, speech and actions show someone who doesn’t want things easygoing in life. World is full of excitement and adventure crying inside Virginia’s soul, while debutante balls aren’t part of it anyway. For every tough nut there is a point when it breaks. However, one should not judge a book by its cover – the Duke of Cheshire isn’t just another handsome gentleman with a title, but rather he is kind and brave enough to accept Virginia’s rebelliousness. It is in this third act ending that their affair becomes very important for the plot.

There is also a new story element that lampoons Ghostbusters. The Reverend Chasuble (played by Toby Jones) has a spectre-fighting wife (played by Miranda Hart), who is obsessed with capturing Sir Simon. She puts on an imitation proton pack that would raise one of Egon Spengler’s eyebrows (RIP Harold Ramis). Her gadgets are just the tip of the iceberg. Hiram considers himself an inventor who will bring electricity to Canterville Chase. That theme of superseding antiquated beliefs and customs in modern life still prevails.

Even, the hardest opponents of all time get back together in this case Stephen Fry reunites with his sketch show partner Hugh Laurie as the most formidable of adversaries. Death is portrayed as a gardener who trims our stalks when we die. To free Sir Simon, Virginia investigates a mysterious proverb that leads her right to Death’s door step. Let’s simply say those fencing lessons were worth every penny paid for them. There’s surprising angst to an ending that’s easily the darkest part of the film.The Canterville Ghost isn’t all giggles when lives and destiny are at stake.

The film also cares about small things, according to Kim Burton, Fireman Sam Director and Robert Chandler movie Chop Stick Girl writer .The film’s backgrounds are amazing everything from rural landscape to those inside Canterville Chase is distinctly noticeable.. They also mix up animation style during important background facts which situate what Sir Simon will deal with next.They relate his exposition through brilliant 2D cut-outs like puppets show…. In this way you can see the movie differently so that following scenes seem bolder than ever before.As behemoth competitors such like Pixar go down before it, Canterbury ghost gives them run for their money in terms creativity.It looks visually spectacular.There was surely great artistry involved in making it.

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