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Growing old sucks, doesn’t it? Each year we live, our bodies and mind become weaker. We keep getting increasingly exhausted, gain weight more easily than when young, and our trips to the bathroom start surprising us as they get more frequent and sometimes difficult. But fortunately, aging is a very slow process that takes decades to be experienced. Our lives, families and careers are still ahead of us; let’s make all those countless memories together and experience those joys or maybe some hardships since life is what we do.

Then you wake up one morning look in the mirror and discover that you are now 70 years old. Sure if you where in your sixties this would not be so bad but just for a moment contemplate this happening while you are in twenties or thirties. It means losing four or five decades of your life which many believe to be the best years of our lives. You cannot build a family, a home, or even develop a career anymore.

Now imagine that these 40-50 lost years were granted to some extremely wealthy person who happened to be already somewhere in mid-70s reducing his/her age by 50 years back down into their twenties once again. This could practically make them immortal provided they repeat this procedure every time.

This is an absolutely terrifying concept we would never want to come true Netflix’s latest original film Paradise gets into depth with such horrible idea. Though generally the film does not possess any breathtaking scenes people would probably like its main theme only for the fact that paradise can slip out there minds within few weeks at most.

The book was written by Boris Kunz Simon Amberger and Peter Koclya called paradise narrates about Max(Kostja Ullman)and Elena(Marlene Tanzcik). They have almost everything they ever dreamed about until their house suddenly catches fire . Naturally they went together to their insurers ; however , the bank claimed it had occurred because Max and Elena were responsible and thus it refused to pay a single penny. As a result of this, the bank issue that Elena must “pay” 40 years of her life. They will do whatever it takes for Max and Elena since their future was taken.

Basically, the central idea in Paradise is about the increasing menace of age discrimination while touching on life for money exchange calculations. AEON, a billion-dollar pharmaceutical company, developed a method of selling and buying years. For instance, an octogenarian may want to live longer; hence at a very high price tag he might ask any young man with similar genetic set up but eighteen years old to take off around 50 or 60 years to his current total which will cause him moving back into late thirties whereas his peer will be transformed into someone aged above seventy within several days.

This concept has myriad reasons why would we find it horrifying. The recent film Old introduced the question of aging rapidly within hours as such hauntingly that we could hardly wish it on our worst enemy. Why do people, scientists, and companies keep playing “God”? Did we learn nothing from Jurassic Park?

Paradise, like many movies before it that delve into the near future, also addresses classism and agism. It is only the rich who can live forever if they keep on with the process but once again it’s the working class that have to pay huge amounts of money and lose years of their lives for this.

For a big sum of money would you be ready to trade some years from your life? Although at once others may shout “hell no”, this is a question that will continue to cross your mind as you watch on. To be precise, currently would you trade off 30 years of your life for $2.4 million? Right here it becomes a bit difficult, isn’t it? For most people during their lifetime that amount of money won’t be gotten altogether at any given time.

Occasionally however, Paradise focuses on showing how bad this medical procedure could get while highlighting some good things about it too. It is actually a film with great moral questions even if by the end one feels like something was missed.

Max and Elena’s relationship stands-out amongst other things in the movie. They are young couples just beginning their lives together when we first meet them. A house ready to build up, both are on the verge of getting careers and are eager to start families now. These two are an enchanting and infectious pair who have their whole future ahead of them.

In other words, Elena has gained forty more years into her life since we last saw each other in different films. Max clearly loves Elena still but he’s obviously upset over what happened because of course she also appears physically attractive like she had been before anything else occurred between them. This strain comes from Elena who misconstrues any kind word or compassionate gesture from Max as pity since he does not truly love or find her attractive anymore.

Their journey evolving and relationship growing stronger throughout the movie will make viewers stay interested in watching it till its very final moments. The two are forced to question their relationship and grow tighter together as a result of this ethics riddle which teaches us that love is for real. Paradise, definitely, is not an eternal romantic movie but it is about the relationship between the couple at its core. Both Kosta Ullman and Marlene Tanzcik give great performances and they have an endearing chemistry which makes the audience believe in their romance.

Paradise could easily become one of the best sci-fi thrillers lately with all the thrown in—frightening concept, compelling future world, unpredictable twists and moral dilemmas. Should be fixings for a memorable sci-fi film.

Regrettably, however, this film falls far short of these expectations. While not actually a poor movie on the whole because it has got a brilliant premise and great acting. On the flip side, this movie’s ending, pacing, writing and music turn out to be disappointingly generic considering its interesting premise as well as sweet romantic plot-line. All in all Paradise just feels like another plain run of the mill sci-fi flick that you would not have any qualms about skipping over it.

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