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Who hasn’t suffered something you can’t explain? For example, ghosts, orbs, sounds, strange situations, aliens and vanishments, or folklore stories in all cultures across the globe. This is where Files of the Unexplained comes in.

This Netflix series follows ordinary people from all across North America as they share their mysterious and bizarre tales that may never be explain. Or is it possible? Files of the Unexplained looks into eight chilling incidents that make one doubt what they think they know. Or give you a chance to become skeptic and debunk every seemingly true story as well. Either way enjoy each episode.

There are many stories covered within these eight episodes: one about alien abduction in Mississippi; another dealing with over 650 unidentified objects and lights examined by US government; yet another focuses on severed feet found on West Coast beaches (and haunted houses). They have much more substance than simple ghost stories would suggest. Some of them are rather terrible- making belief impossible while leaving onlookers dumbstruck. It’s obvious Americans are infatuate with aliens.

Each event is situated within its own context through news reports, documents evidencing details of such events, eyewitness accounts as well as expert explanations. Others use clips from movies like War of the Worlds to visually demonstrate what might have occurred or perform reenactments. There will be rare old footage, newspapers articles and updates on previous cases that will take you through an exceptional experience.

The narrator gives a lot more detail to help move the episodes along. The voice is simple but effective without being distracting. Moreover camera work is excellent including extreme close-ups during interviews and aerial shots over locations.

None of them tries to influence your opinion or manipulate your thoughts towards any direction whatsoever… That’s what I love about this series though! I felt like I was listening to relatives recalling family history filled with hardship accompanied with fear following them every step in life as they were narrating their stories. It’s so easy to watch, you could finish it in one sitting.

My favorite episode is a ghost story, where they explore how folklore and beliefs can influence and kindle our imagination, becoming part of our identity. So are we just fantasizing or are we seeing real ghosts? The episode about the missing men over 40 years is terrifying as well as interesting. Where were they taken? You’ll be dying to know.

You don’t have to believe in anything paranormal or mysterious for this to interest you. What makes it even more interesting are the common things that different people experience at different times. I can’t wait for season two with more stories.

Files of the Unexplained is worth watching if you are into such things as unknowns and spooky tales. If not, then you will find it an additional monotonous dumb show about crazy individuals doing absurd things.

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