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It is important for a good romantic comedy that has to be done is for the audience to fall in love with the characters. However, it can become difficult to root for them to get a happily ever after if they are too much of an odd couple. On the other hand, two people who are just nice and bland do not make for captivating viewing. Thus, a good rom-com can maneuver around this. Thankfully, Which Brings Me to You makes very few mistakes regarding its third act and it therefore solidly belongs to this genre.

Which Brings Me to You is wise enough to make both our two main characters as equally charming, funny and messy. Therefore, if only one had these traits then it would lack symmetry. Besides that you could see how they had ended up here in addition what would draw them together with each other at some point or even sooner rather than later. It’s a big deal.

At the wedding which neither of them wanted to attend, Will (Nat Wolff) meets Jane (Lucy Hale). Both of them are clearly messes. An almost completely impulsive hook up occurs in the coat closet of the hall following some light flirting; well almost – because when Jane makes her move Will suffers mild last-minute doubts over it. Thereafter they part but he follows her explaining himself along the way while talking ensues soon after.

Initially embarrassing confession by Will then turns into a back and forth revealing their past love lives all together. Their stories come out full of mishaps, mistakes plus some regrets too! By sharing their experiences they develop a bond which makes either realize that may be there were things thy didn’t know about each other before now because everything else was hidden behind first impressions made when they first met? The stories are real gems and so is their narrative style during though maybe not at its end which seems rather obvious.

Hale and Wolff really sell this story as a duo. For Hale this is by far her most complex and juiciest part ever, while it is one that Wolff plays which is somewhat more mature than his usual stuff I always like. They have great chemistry together, with well-played scenes when it gets serious. On top of the list are Genevieve Angelson, John Gallagher Jr., Alexander Hodge, Britne Oldford and many others.

Director Peter Hutchings along with Steve Almond, Julianna Baggott and Keith Bunin were at their finest as they focused on the relationship between Hale and Wolff. The first act and much of the second act are very delightful having a sense of rhythm that’s fun in addition to small bits about each ex that are really funny. There are also some stories which had been written in order to be humorous while others would be quite an enjoyable turning point in the flick for example when they crash an anniversary party that looks lovely numerically speaking but if you look at it again… It only happens during a moment in the third act just before everyone decides there has to be a major fight necessary for them to make up with each other. Everything else was cleverer and felt more original: however, this seems clichéd and lazy. That’s not really a big deal though; it’s just that this small issue prevents an otherwise good movie from becoming perfect.

Charm is all What Brings Me to You has, but it can be so charming, very charming that you cannot resist. This movie is really a subtle pleasure, especially if you like Hale and/or Wolff. It will be a small-scale enjoyment for the fans of romantic comedies!

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