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We’re here now, aren’t we? I was scared when Lucifer was cancelled again and again because I thought that we would not have a fitting ending. Nonetheless, the show reached its sixth season on Netflix and this is what counts.

After watching the fifth season of Lucifer, I was hopeful about what would happen next even though there were many things for it to cram into those last ten episodes. A lot had changed but much work was yet to be done.

Fortunately, the Lucifer writers’ room is filled with experts who know what fans desire as well as require. The concluding section of Lucifer looked back to how far they have come while simultaneously looking forward to where they were headed with some massive curveballs thrown in between.

I am pretty satisfied so let me get right into some major moments from the sixth season of Lucifer that made me like it so much. (Spoilers ahead.)

‘Lucifer’ season 6 review

A trip down memory lane

A walk down memory lane is one thing this season afforded us. It’s a good thing that cast and crew knew beforehand that this will be the final run because it allowed them to return the series to its origins on numerous fronts.

Lucifer’s season six premiere started just like its first episode did and damn did it stick! Watching the cop once more, listening in on their talk, and realizing how far our favorite devil has come over six years had me completely shook!

But they didn’t leave it at that. Throughout these last 10 episodes, there were plenty of callbacks to the previous seasons. But instead of feeling self-serving, it felt like sitting in a room with friends swapping stories of old and cracking inside jokes.

Overall, this final season served as comfort food for my soul. It made me laugh till I cried; moments of happiness; silliness; emotionality – everything associated with Lucifers– characters who strive each day to become better versions of themselves.

Lucifer has driven me mad over the years – as he should have – but deep down, you know that he really is trying to be worthy of his human companions. Despite his narcissism and an almost complete inability to accept help from his therapist, he has managed to grow organically without changing the fundamental aspects of himself that made him so wonderful in the first place.

This might sound ridiculous because sometimes this show purposefully gets silly, but I don’t think there’s ever been a series that has made me ponder so much about myself or those around me like Lucifer has. Even if these situations are divine, they’re life lessons for all of us as well.

The point of this show from the start has been to face your demons, speak out your emotions and take responsibility for what you do. All these have remained much the same in its final season, and there have been a few times when I’ve found myself moved by the way it has tackled real-life situations we can relate to.

Set about

Lucifer certainly didn’t hesitate to bring up some of the bigger issues that our society has faced recently. The reason I added this part in my review of Lucifer season 6 is because it was amazing how they approached it and demonstrated that sometimes healing takes time, willingness and lots of hard work.

Adam, Eve’s ex, showed up on her wedding day trying to win her back in episode 7. I loved how Eve stood tall throughout this episode even if she did not relent even once regarding her beliefs. It might be difficult especially considering a toxic ex who took advantage of you when you were kind-hearted.

In fact we get to see Adam dealing with his own toxic masculinity thanks to Linda himself. Getting rid of his own weaknesses is going to be a long process but he is already able to make amends with them. In fact, this arc was even more satisfying than just writing him off as a guy who lost Eve due to his poor treatment of her.

Nevertheless, Amenadiel’s quest of becoming a police officer for Caleb seemed like the most obvious one. This angel was still sore after losing that boy; so he wanted nothing else except spending time being on the frontline fighting injustices.

However, it wasn’t going to be easy at all right from the beginning. When an indignant Amenadiel realised that the cop who threatened Caleb hadn’t been sacked but promoted instead as Detective came as surprise number one against him . Besides that Amenadiel didn’t share the same values about service like his partner Officer Harris.

Harris used to be exactly like Amenadiel: loud, opinionated and in the right all the time; but she learnt a hard lesson that it was not taking her anywhere. Instead, Harris preferred of winning small battles rather than fighting for bigger ones. It would’ve been possible for her to be promoted but it would have meant going away from her neighborhood where real action needed to happen.

Amenadiel and Harris could never see eye-to-eye, however, they managed to save a girl’s life and reputation even if Detective Reiben attempted to intervene in their work. And I think they may have had an effect on each other—Amenadiel learned that doing the right thing isn’t always rewarded, and Harris realized that sometimes you have to stick your neck out, no matter the consequences.

At any rate Amenadiel undoubtedly influenced Chloe into returning to the force so that she could change it from within. Unfortunately as a white woman who comes from cop lineage she’ll be taken more seriously compared to someone like Harris or Amenadiel. But then again, she is aware of her privilege and is willing to put herself forward.

The most attractive aspect of that episode is that it addresses all the nuances of this hot topic. Sure, some cops are bad. But there are good cops as well. On the other hand, what can be said about silent policemen? Are they bad or doing their best under the circumstances?

Instead, the show does not provide straightforward answers to these questions but shows us that good can come out of a bad situation if we work together in holding people responsible for their actions. However, it will still take time and effort.

By Lucifer season 6 finale, Chloe was made Lieutenant within a year and she promoted Harris to detective position. Let alone solving the problem of police brutality across the entire country–let alone reforming an entire department! But Chloe kept her word. It’s a start.

Sympathy for The Devil

It is about time this Lucifer season 6 review focused on one major plot point of this season: Lucifer is going to become God very soon indeed. For instance, in first few episodes he spends his last moments with Chloe who tries to explain him how he could possibly become a great God.

However, like I said before; this wouldn’t be Lucifer without having to put off the inevitable for another couple days. Obviously he doesn’t want to go back to Heaven yet things are complicated because his father left earth so as to live with his wife.

Unfortunately, many more problems arise and by episode three there’s Rory (and that amazing cartoon interlude). Rory flies Dan up to Earth in order to figure out how exactly to exact revenge on Lucifer Why you ask? Well because Rory turns out being from Lucifers future as he abandoned her even before she was born.

For the rest of the season Lucifer tries his hardest prove that it would never happen again and everything gets delayed once again at all costs. Aside from Rory herself who was undoubtedly so cool about everything else in here arc? How sympathy for devil entered their hearts again.

Yes, Lucifer makes mistakes even when he is trying to do the right thing. He can be dismissive and forgetful and self-centered and more than a little rude at times but he’s always trying and his recognition of his own shortcomings has become more frequent as time goes by.

Rory was the person who hated Lucifer more than anyone else in this world; nonetheless, she got to observe how amazing he could be. And Lucifer’s saving grace above all others was his love for Rory’s mom Chloe. This show dealt with many aspects of mortality and morality throughout its duration but what has been driving everything that Lucifer has done is his love for Chloe.

I hate plotlines where surprise children are introduced out of nowhere, but I must admit this one went down very well. Moreover, it helped that Rory was already grown up and came in as a complete badass who had a personality that matched her fathers toe to toe, Also I loved how extraordinary it made lucifer feel.

Now, beside Chloe, he had their daughter. His heart swelled with love for this other human being, who admittedly he barely knew but would do anything for him. This is unconditional love. And that was his final call from God.

“Goodbye Lucifer”

Oh, the part of this Lucifer season 6 review is going to be tough! I really cried all through this season, but nothing could have prepared me for the last two episodes. This show may have brought me to tears, but I couldn’t have been happier.

First were farewells. He talked to people in his life that mattered the most in case Rory was right about him leaving and never coming back. It was obviously difficult for him to reconcile himself with leaving his daughter behind and yet I appreciated he chose to be proactive if it became real.

This actually helped us say goodbye to all these characters we’ve known for six years in one way or another. Again it would’ve been harder letting go of this show if it hadn’t taken time to give each and every single one of them a moment to shine not just throughout the season but in the penultimate episode too.

That’s how Amenadiel found God and realized what he had always wanted all along; using these powers differently from his father’s way of doing things. He will stand by his brothers and sisters as they work together to create a better world; at the same time, he will also make sure that he spends time with his son.

Linda got over her self-doubt when she heard Lucifer tell her how important she is as a therapist but more so as a friend. With all its ups and downs over the years Linda had an opportunity at starting afresh by becoming a mother again of an absolutely gorgeous baby boy – who happens to have wings by the way.

Lucifer saying goodbye to Mazikeen struck me hardest since both characters developed tremendously since season one ended. Both have acknowledged their toxic habits and still actively try to work against them. In this moment, Lucifer thanked Maze for being his best friend and wished that he had treated her better, while Maze told him that her new life, full of friends and family, was all because of him.

He didn’t need to say goodbye or anything like it since these two know each other in a way no one else ever will. Even today (as I am writing this review of Lucifer season 6), I would cry my eyes out whenever I think about her silent and emotional exit but at least she has Eve sticking around for the next eternity.

Dan’s exit was also heartbreaking. After speaking with Trixie, however, he was able to go to heaven after finally addressing all of his guilt. It was hard when Dan died but I think this really nailed it as one of the show’s most powerful moments because it felt real, raw and affected everyone deeply.

Dan’s departure was handled even better in Lucifer season 6. He first went to hell and had guilt to work through. Then, he became a ghost where he bade Chloe and Trixie goodbye before joining Charlotte up in heaven. Oh yes and I did get all teary when I saw that single serving of pudding.

As much as I loved each of these farewells, the one between Ella and Lucifer is my top choice. For starters, Miss Lopez has gone on quite a journey this season, and it is nice to see that she has finally figured out what was going on all these years. While the others might have found it hard grasping how friends would leave them out of such important matters, she ends up realizing that they only did it for her own sake.

Ella and Lucifer have always had a beautiful relationship together. Actually, she has been one of my favorite characters since the beginning due to several reasons. I really like the fact that despite the darkness within her life, she consciously uses her cheerful personality every day unlike some people who are fake happy or wants you dead inside not literally though! This way also gives us a chance to think about Ella’s faith being questioned but how she managed to hold onto it nevertheless; not being religious myself doesn’t mean that I never admire someone’s courage in questioning their own beliefs especially when they’re ready to fight back for it.Love You too.

Ella throughout time has been a kind shoulder to cry by all her friends with Lucifer making sure he told her how crucial she was to him during his farewell address also remembering his vanishing act from last time so as not to hurt her again. Finally, he gave something that wasn’t just shallow or flashy but could make Ella happy though at the same time support others too.

The final goodbye Lucifer had to make was between him and Chloe which lasted an entire episode during which they fought together against their common enemy. Well, the episode was titled “Partners ‘Til the End” for a reason. For instance, it confirmed once again that there is no stopping these two once they are united.

Knowing that Lucifer would have to leave Chloe for decades in her life and miss out on his daughter’s childhood, I must admit I wondered how season 6 of Lucifer was going to make us happy but damn, did they manage.

Eventually both of them were moved by faith – faith in each other. It could not be easy raising Rory without Lucifer being around but she did her best and brought up a beautiful child.

But just think about all those thousands of years Lucifer had to spend away from both of them –Hell and all. Nevertheless, he had found his calling as a therapist (!) to those souls who had been filled with guilt over their own lives’ actions. This is when Lucifer is at his best thus when Chloe joined him finally as his partner, I couldn’t really believe our luck. They could be a family again.

Then things got dicey for a couple seasons there while we waited for how Lucifer would end; still, the show gave us just what we needed as its finale—us and these characters.

We appreciate that you showed us love and made us laugh throughout your journey Lucifer.

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