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The last season of The Upshaws was a mixed bag for many viewers. People were most thrown off by Lucretia being broke, because nobody can hate money more than her. No one liker richer better or rich hater richer find this useful information shocking. However, under her new “Bitchy Rich” title from benny it does fit pretty well now that she is poor. Lucretia has to make some tough choices about how she’s going to live and where she’s going to work in order to get by.

You can be homeless or you can be a bad sister but you can’t be both. So it was surprising when she decided to keep the garage. They made flying jokes in the first few episodes about how she sold the building that her business was in and just kept the garage.

Lucretia carries the season, and she might be the best character on this show so far. You watch her have an amazing time while making everyone else miserable. Regina is always trying to do what’s right, like leave Craig alone forever, but since he knows where all of their bodies are buried, literally probably, they still have to deal with him.

Benny doesn’t do anything except dream about things he will never be able to afford and then get mad when he realizes that he wanted them (see: free parking for electric vehicles). But Benny has a serious presence on screen and he can turn any serious conversation into a joke without thinking twice about it.

This season shifted its tone from sensitive to playful. When Lucretia decided to marry Frank it came out of nowhere and we’re not sure if it’s true love or if she just wants his money … even though we know damn well it’s probably true love on account of how Lucretia is smart as hell but won’t ever let anyone see it. Regina tells her that this isn’t right , but when has Lucretia ever listened to anyone?

The Upshaws doesn’t rely on one storyline to move the plot forward which is really nice. So many things are happening at once and somehow all of them work so well together. With six episodes that are 25 minutes each, this is a perfect show for some popcorn and some laughs.

I think they have done a really good job of keeping the audience entertained this season. When shows go on for too long there are always moments where you start to doubt them, but this one never did. Every character has been great whether they have been in every episode or only a few. And if there’s one thing that can be said about the cast it’s that they never miss a beat. The delivery of dialogues is top tier , and this season didn’t have any slow moments.

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