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What is the most beautiful word in English? In his new film Grapefruit, Travis says it’s a four-letter word that starts with F. Well, maybe he really has a point. “You can use it as a noun, an adverb…,” he tells Evelyn, his mother (played by Rosanna Arquette), and the reasons go on. Consequently, more than anything else, and with this powerful little mother-son scene that speaks to dysfunctional families everywhere, Grapefruit carries on enumerating why it becomes such a hit. However, unlike other common family dramas films will leave you wanting more.

Like many impactful dramas out there—Grapefruit also begins with tragedy though not exactly which kind of tragedy. And then we see him again; Travis is in some type of prison group meeting where he reads a thoughtful poem but punctuated by two “F-bombs” while talking about love, life etc. It could be his last meeting because after prison he’s seen boarding a bus back to his mom’s house in suburbs Meanwhile en route there while still going he even tries pulling off his wedding ring so hard that his finger bleeds out. Such moments without words are what make Grapefruit such a contemplative piece on broken relationships among others.

Evelyn is played to perfection by veteran actress Rosanna Arquette. The term “handful” doesn’t seem enough when describing Evelyn as she explodes at trifles every now and then while her grown up son Travis seems to tread through this landmines field easily. Not only does Travis but also goes to rehab meetings alongside this recovering alcoholic mom where they meet their colleague.

Billie portrayed by Joliet’s real-life wife Steph Barkley is introduced here They have an immediate connection outside the room that both appear like they are around the same age However Ms overprotective mom sneers at these cues of friendship when she spots them between Billie and herself. Haven’t we all had a parent casually caution us about our paramours? It never ends well but Travis attempts to set boundaries for his mother during the re-entry period after he is released from prison back into society by checking in with his parole officer once in a while?

Travis gets hired as a dishwasher and even goes on a date for lunch with Billie, an amazing restaurant scene where Billie teases Travis by walking out of their meal pretending (this was also funny in paper heart 2009). She tells him to try it, which is one of those dry humor moments indie fans would love. Grapefruit was written and directed by Joliet and his own confidence both in front of and behind the camera is evident.

Travis shows Billie around a neighbor’s backyard, where he tells her to sit and they both peer through the house windows made of glass at a happy family. To what extent is this? Not every person, but any person who has ever had troubles with friends when growing up and envied other families will recognize Grapefruit’s key moment.

Barkley and Arquette carry the film though the single most memorable scene does not even involve them. During one his brother Jake (Johnno Wilson) visitations to town, they staged a small reunion of some young fellows in their abode and asked Travis to meet Pamela his just divorced friend (Ashley Rae Spillers). But the significance of ‘Pamela’ lies here because it precipitates a diplomatic fight between two brothers; Travis as well as Jake amidst this party. While insisting that she be referred to as “Pam” for short Jake–poo want Travis to address her by her complete first name Pamela instead. Is it possible that if he used Pam instead of Pamela, then this could facilitate their marriage because isn’t it supposed to be a less formal name? No way! And while in no mood for compromise, Travis understands his little brother’s move.

Lastly why “Grapefruit?” You’ll have to see for yourself. This involves another considered conversation about citrus fruits between Billie and Travis. We don’t want give away anything now but you will argue that “Grapefruit” is an apt title for this new movie. Still you must remember Joliet’s name; he has promising cinematic life ahead although Grapefruit is looking for distributors right now. Check back in this space soon for updates on where you can find it .

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