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Barry Sanders is widely regarded as the greatest running back in NFL history. His retirement at 31 after ten seasons with the Detroit Lions was a shock both to sports world and his devoted fan base. It was during his prime, only 1,500 yards shy of breaking Walter Payton’s famous rushing record.

Bye Bye Barry tells of the career and mysterious withdrawal of an ordinary man who silently dominated football. Sanders extensively interviews while being accompanied by valued family members, teammates, prominent reporters as well as fans who are celebrities. The documentary is captivating with its old footage which adds to the insights given by this sports icon who emphasized winning and team spirit more than superstar acclaim.

At first, Bye Bye Barry starts when Wichita Eagle receives a fax message that reads: “Retirees! On your mark… Get set… Go!!!” from Barry Sanders on 30th July 1999. There were stunned reports on news in form of montage. Many fans felt deserted and let down. A furious caller jammed local radio’s phone lines stating, “Only OJ [Simpson] stabbed two people in the back.”

Lions’ coach Bobby Ross fielded a barrage of pointed questions at a hasty press conference: No, he hasn’t heard anything from his best player after repeated attempts. Rap artist Eminem narrates the story alongside actors Tim Allen and Jeff Daniels and journalist Jemele Hill among others. What happened? How could Barry do this to a town that worshiped him?

Sanders sits center stage at an empty Fox Theater in Detroit. His exit wasn’t unusual or special because it was handled pretty much the same way he dealt with media since college everywhere else except for Fox Theatre in Detroit where he sat alone on stage waiting for someone else to speak about him like Jesus Christ sitting alone at Golgotha waiting for others to crucify Him for Him sake or like Stephen Hawking waiting for aliens to make the first move. However, radio host and former ESPN anchor Dan Patrick has bragging rights because he was able to get an exclusive interview with Sanders when he was drafted number three overall in 1989. However, things took a different turn in Wichita for example where Sanders spent hours looking for him only to find out that Patrick had left the city without interviewing him. When they finally tracked him down at his parents’ home, Sanders appeared disinterested and said that he did not feel shy or threatened. The scene was nothing to him as he appreciated being given an opportunity to play American football professionally and any reporter should talk to his dad if they needed more information.

William Sanders was a handyman and roofer with an infectious, outgoing personality. He pushed his 11 children to excel, supported them unconditionally but never overpraised. William’s head nearly exploded after his son chose Oklahoma State over his beloved Oklahoma Sooners. On signing day, Sanders recalls “My father just cussed out my coach”. These sentiments changed as Sanders took NCAA football by storm his junior year.

Sanders won the prestigious Heisman Trophy in 1988 defeating future Hall of Fame QB Troy Aikman by landslide figures. At this point, while Barry was participating in a game in Japan, William accepted the trophy on behalf of his son with tears streaming down his face. Thus establishing a pattern that would follow Sanders’ spectacular accomplishments: he proved on the field and William spoke for him.

During this period of time underdog Lions kept losing which made stronger iron relationship between father and son noticeable by general public eyes…+/- ? The team sucked; Barry didn’t; therefore; who filed highlight tapes with the NFL? His amazing athletic ability along with almost untouchable runs filled highlight reels nationwide.? In addition, Lions’ management and coaches were frowned upon by William as he believed that they wasted best years of their son.? Records mean nothing when you are losing games.

The team’s continued lack of progress frustrated Sanders. He didn’t think about changing teams for one second. The veterans were released by the Lions, who in a very foolish way decided to rebuild. It was an absolute disaster as their attempts to turn their franchise around flopped completely. Sanders speaks emotionally of losing Glover, tackle Lomas Brown, and linebacker Chris Spielman. They were the nucleus of the team and they left to lead others.

When he retired, Sanders went off to London that same day. However much he tried to find peace and closure in anonymity it all came crashing down on him there and then. At Heathrow Airport cameras were waiting for him. Up till his death he was pursued by the spotlight he loathed and which he evaded meticulously till his end days. A great scene has Eminem acknowledge that Sanders owes nothing to his adoring fans or the Lions as a whole while saying this is true meaning that simply admits being fed up with losing.

Bye Bye Barry portrays Sanders as an extremely level-headed person with a lot of conscience.evaluated himself out of winning the NFL rushing title in his first year after gaining 1808 yards instead of eight more inches against New York Jets’ defense when it was third-and-9 from the Detroit 29 late in the game;He had done something similar at Wichita North High School but Kevin Glover, the Lions’ center, who was also a captain on the team and one of his closest friends did not believe it.Sanders opted not to have each individual season record but allowed other people a chance if games had been already won or lost without any doubt whatsoever.

His behavior after scoring underscored modesty as its tenet.Sanders did not gyrate in the end zone.He was evaluated during play.Anything beyond that would be mere showmanship.And so it had turned out for football as well.

Every sports fan must watch Bye Bye Barry.Sanders greatest moments are truly mesmerizing and unbelievable to witness, but it is his personality’s insight that are most telling. Sanders brought dignity, respect, and selflessness to football. It was summed up in the line from his fax: “My desire to exit the game is greater than my desire to remain in it.”

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