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Gran Turismo gives an incredible account of the journey from a child sitting in front of Playstation playing video games to that same person becoming a motor racer of international fame. It’s the stuff dreams are made of, but Jann Mardenborough went from an armchair gaming enthusiast to racing in Formula One and Indy cars. However, the filmmaker’s attempt to work by motivating emotions results into an emotional movie with sporty vibes. Audiences will be gripping their seats on edge as these well-shot realistic races scenes unfold before them.

Orlando Bloom stars as Nissan marketing executive Danny Moore who is flying over to meet the company’s motorsport division in Japan. He has one crazy idea in his mind. Moore proposes a collaboration between Gran Turismo game developers and Nissan so that they can start a racing academy together. The global competition would enable best online players receive certification for professional racing. That means the Nissan-sponsored winner will compete against some of world’s renowned race drivers.

In Cardiff, Wales, 20-year-old Jann Mardenborough (Archie Madekwe) leaves other Gran Turismo contestants behind him online. With his gaming chair and steering wheel in place, he sets his virtual foot on fire by burning digital asphalt while playing this game which doesn’t make sense to many people including his father. Being engaged on other things apart from football or joining him at work is a wastage of time according to Steve (Djimon Hounsou), who played soccer professionally before working as train builder. The only family member Leslie (Geri Halliwell) mom seems slightly sympathetic towards Jann because she is aware of her son’s long-term interest.

He looks up Jack Salter (David Harbour) experienced leader of pit crew GT Academy for advise about it.However Jack thinks its dangerous and these kids are going yo get themselves killed.Playing a videogame is not even close with driving 150 miles per hour under extreme physical duress. Nevertheless, Jack accepts to oversee the project as its head coach.The reason for this is that he is done with Nicholas Capa (Josha Stradowski) a racing champion whom he used to manage pit stops for in an arrogant way.

Back at home, Jann couldn’t believe his eyes when he was named European finalist of GT Academy. He had been working for a retail shop assistant before making his mind up about this unique chance which angered his father. However, in no time Jann realized the real race car is not a game and it’s full of danger. It’s hard to compete against others and especially taking into account that you are constantly attacked by Jack as well – “you don’t belong here, get away before you injure yourself”. Yet Jann never gives up and makes it clear that his brilliant simulator skills are transferable to a racetrack.

When it comes to CGI videogames, Gran Turismo doesn’t look like any one of them. Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium) directs the film without resorting to some surreal visual effects but uses more traditional racing shots with the help of cameras. The view jumps from the interior of cars where they move swiftly among each other through exterior views showing cars speeding down the road alongside or past each other in full speed. Furthermore, Blomkamp employs drones flying above and between vehicles during certain hairpin turns.

Jann watches races nervously together with Danny on computer screens while Salter stands by in the pits and even his parents anxiously await their son’s performance on television.Apart from this scene when Jan visualizes video games line including the engine part , there are no other moments when viewers can see digital effects. This is all very cunningly designed because it is clever enough not only incorporating game elements into itself but also using these bits smartly within contexts such as music or 3D images.

Sincere drama and depth make Gran Turismo surprising. These characters are anything but cardboard cutouts following a script. Jack’s relationship with his father is troubled, just like Jann’s. Their initial lack of support propels Jann farther ahead. He has never felt too confident, knowing well what the path to failure entails. As Jann starts displaying some serious talent, Jack’s harsh ways soften drastically. He becomes a committed mentor who realizes that Jann is not out of place and has deservedly earned his opportunity here. It could have been over-sentimental but it does not.

Danny’s curious about Jann and his quiet nature as well. In another plotline he backs other competitors who are more expressive than this one. Jack would rather GT Academy be about talent alone than a contest on popularity charts so he won’t choose whoever appears most beautiful or camera ready .Jann, being the best driver they got needs their backing in any case. When all those doubters get behind Jann there is an element of triumph but also an unyielding professional race-car driving corps poses him new challenges.

There hasn’t been any good racing/car movie of recent times either.Fast X had my sides splitting from its complete absurdity.Gran Turismo in its seriousness reflects the ethos of the original material.The fact that it serves both beginners and its target audience is enough praise for me.Avid fans of the game will be ecstatic.If you’ve never held a Playstation controller in your hand before,, still watch it for pure entertainment value.Because Gran Turismo goes real and succeeds at that front.

Gran Turismo was produced by Columbia Pictures, PlayStation Productions, and 2.0 Entertainment

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