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Popularity of creature horror space survival movies has reached its nadir in terms of quality and in the eyes of audiences with the consecutive failures by Aliens franchise for the last decade. Light, directed by Matt Woollard, adds another nail to the coffin through laziness in creating a good plot. Despite a promising idea and moments of brilliance thanks to its taut atmospheric treatment of storytelling, it falters on resolution and leaves everything hanging loose at the end.

How Did Samira And Tallie Get To Know Each Other?

A distant future when humanity has become a space-faring colonizing species; Light happens during an unspecified time period. At the start, Samira Grey, a citizen of Allied Earth crash-lands her capsule on Krake, which is a misty, treacherous planet. Samira and her son Luccas were passengers in Utopia II ship that crossed colonies but got separated when it was destroyed under unknown circumstances, hence they escaped using individual capsules like many other survivors. Her capsule’s rough landing suggests that it might have sustained critical damage as she puts on her spacesuit to get some oxygen cylinders from it.

Samira tries to call out Luccas using her suit’s scanner/camera without success as indicated by the silence that greets her calls through this device; however, due to Krake’s dense fog she can hardly see even close objects near herself. This intimate film setting is hauntingly surrealistic at times as environments change color with different parting times; thus, making their limited surrounding seem expansive with these changing shades over an entire day. She opens communication channels between them then sees several bioluminescent organisms floating around. In response to lights disturbing them away from their school of thought rapidly scattering creatures give rise to fear within Samira as well since they attract some predatory alien entity towards themselves

Soon after feeling its presence nearby Sam hides hastily behind something then faints. On the other hand, Tallie Zima another survivor from Krake (not of Utopia II), communicates with her father Avel who has landed somewhere far away, via Northstar beacon in order to direct him to her where she is. Then there is a boy inside an escape pod as well and he seems to be wondering about it but Avel is trying to reach out to him through his communication device which Tallie overheard while they were talking on their own linking devices. Samira knows the boy is Luccas; hence she warns Tallie just before she leaves for a safe place and persuades her into informing Avel concerning his fate. However, when Samira warns Avel, something happens behind him and the communication goes off air. Does Samira ask Tallie if she has information regarding her son?

Was Samira Able To Find Her Son?

Samira and Tallie use communicators to interact in most of the Light movie, and when she meets Tallie, Samira introduces herself as Niu. Despite not knowing what happened to Luccas, Samira chose to go on with her pursuit for him instead of finding out where Tallie was situated because doing that would mean wasting some little oxygen left in her cylinders; instead advises her friend to look for her since staying at one place on a treacherous planet like this is a sure way of inviting danger. 

Whilst traversing through the misty gloominess, both Samira and Tallie were able to get acquainted somewhat. As it turned out, Talley had grown up only in such spaceship’s cabins and stations without going anywhere else except into space accidently landing on Krake – her first planet among the stars. Nonetheless, she has doubts about landing here since there have been many fatal cases involving exploration teams in the past. In an odd search through feces from a native creature, Tallie discovers that Perla is inside the waste: this explains why Earth Defense Forces still try to reach it despite many pitfalls related by history. Samira reveals that Laura died while working as a miner in deep space and that’s also why she was settling away from earth somewhere else as she shares that Luccas’ mother passed away while they were mining asteroids together far away from home. While the two are caught up in a furious storm, Tallie worries about being alone forever to which Sam replies saying whatever happens she will be right there beside her holding onto each other tightly no matter what may come their way. It is suggested that Tallie might have had a tough life growing up because whenever EDF or authorities are mentioned around them sometimes she appears very suspicious about them. Occasionally they are followed by strange people dressed entirely in black but every attempt made to capture them vanishes as if they melt into darkness.

When the storm is finally over, Samira starts looking for Luccas, but she doesn’t listen to Tallie’s pleas on her giving up the fruitless search and finding her instead even as her oxygen gets low. Eventually Samura spots a capsule, but feels dejected after finding it empty and belonging to another vessel. In this case the girl advises that Samira should use its communication device since it has wider range than those incorporated in their suits. Even though she still cannot contact Luccas, Samira eavesdrops on one of the transmissions from one of USS Bellingham patrolling the nearby space near Utopia II crew for survivors. Then she requests those in authority to let them know if there are any capsules around where she might find her son alive; they give her 60 minutes before rescue arrives. Since it seems plausible that they can escape from this cursed planet, Tallie pleads with Samira to identify where she is through illuminating lights in the capsule and as long as she guarantees doing so means indicating herself this way Talley later locates and runs towards that spot at once. However, when trying to get away from them blackly clad individuals start attacking and whether or not Talley survives remains a mystery for a while.

Amidst the speed of her fall, Samira gets a message from Tallie who seems to have survived the attack and also tells her that she has found Luccas. Finally, there is a light signal from her which Samira recognizes, and they come face-to-face but she finds out that it is empty. Actually, all along Tallie aimed to betray Samira because she thinks EDF were behind their coming to the planet purposely to be butchered and only if she uses any means at her disposal can she save herself. To Samira’s surprise, according to Tallie EDF destroyed Utopia II for their own profit but this statement does not make sense until the end of the film. While holding Samira on gunpoint Tallie demands her remaining oxygen canister but Samira deceives her and escapes. However, exhaustion soon catches up with her and as Samira falls unconscious she is seized by some weird black-dressed people who put lights on her making themselves look like bait.

After waking up in another place entirely, Samira manages to get rid of restraints and runs off towards safety where later on meets a boy in space suit whom he supposes is Lucas. It is Isaac that Avel had met before he died—yet an instance of mistaken identity made Samira search in vain. Depressed about everything including Luccas’s possible death after all this time spent running after nothing has led me nowhere.

Was Isaac saved by Tallie?

Like with Samuel Isaac was just being used as live bait by these guys dressed in black thus releasing him immediately was how it happened for them. But now as expected worst happens when eventually the predatory alien creature arrives near them taking its form fully unveiling its size like that of a mega snake. Suddenly however, another appearance is made by Tallie; she rescues both boys while distracting the creature once again holds one hostage via pointing an object at his heart. That moment when the creature comes back, Samirs does an inexplicable thing and offers herself as a sacrificial lamb to save them all, handing Isaac over to Tallie and then placing her trust in the inherent goodness of Tallie in her last seconds. The monster eats Samira; therefore a confused Tallie in tears runs away taking Isaac with her.

Having run out of options, Tallie makes contact with the EDF rescue ship and negotiates a location for extraction. On her way there, she shows Isaac kindness by allowing him to use the oxygen canister. However, before they are rescued, strange people in black clothes attack them and even though she tries her best, she is unable to fight them off. But just before that happens like what Samira went through, finally the EDF ship arrives and a security operative drives away the predator using a high-pitched noise-emitting device. Astonishingly, the attackers set Tallie free but retain Isaac in their custody as he cries out while being carried into the rescue ship. In addition Tallie goes inside being taken by those holding him as she is inside trying to save his life although it does not work out. The EDF ship takes off with Isaac at gunpoint and a crying Tallie wonders about his fate as he is led away by men who tied his hands together in front of him with cords of light. When Perla ore left by Tallie on the planet splits open shortly afterwards during its final moments showing a human skull from inside which makes sense of most of this movie’s confusion.

The predators used an alien which was supposedly extracting Perla-feeding creature; it devoured humans stuck on Krake and excreted valuable substance constituting quite profitable business for EDF. It was actually true what Tallie assumed when she thought they were deliberately made to be stranded on that planet by EDF for baits for some kind of an alien ‘golden goose’ whose survival could only have been guaranteed if Samira had died too since rescuing all three would not have been done by EDF even if Samira had survived. Then why did Tallie get saved by EDF yet Isaac meets such cruel death? Perhaps because throughout the film it has been subtly hinted that Tallie is either criminal or fugitive and is more valuable alive than dead to EDF. For Samira, her search for Luccas ended tragically as he might have died without her knowing. Similarly, did he ever get stranded in Krake like her mother? We never hear of his existence all through the movie but only from the things that Samira says is it possible to know about him when he arrives in Krake.

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