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Big George Foreman is a Big book that tells the life story of an iconic boxer. He climbed the very peak of athletic success but was crushed in defeat and humiliation by one blow from the world. The truly bizarre second act brought this man to become again the champion at the age of 46 years old. Khris Davis’s performance which led to his stardom shows how a misunderstood person always manages to rise from rock bottom. With a single mind, he overcame all barriers. This film thoughtfully traces his furious journey from anger and despair into spiritual awakening.

Young George (Kei Rawlins), his mother Nancy (Sonja Sohn) and six siblings move to Houston as late as 1950s. They were destitute. A sad scene shows them all eating a burger half each for dinner. Schoolyard bullies make George bitter and hateful over time. Upon growing up, he turns out to be an angry young man (Davis) and delinquent.

George has an encounter with law enforcement that makes him look back on what he is doing now. In California, George joins Job Corps hoping for something better than he ever had before. Besides, it’s hard to resist three square meals per day when you’re starving just like he did. However, they are too numerous for him really get along with everyone around there or keep up such toughness any longer- Doc Broadus (Forest Whitaker). Instead of street fighting Doc who is a veteran turned doctor gives him another option through boxing as an alternative outlet for his rage by telling George about war veterans who box at their centres rather than street fighting like George does right then under Doc’s leadership whose strength also surprised doc for its swiftness: “Wow!” says doc after watching Youngest Black World Champion Targeting Olympic Gold ” As an amateur boxer targeting Olympic Gold during 1968 even at such level as local fights?

The boxing world takes notice when an unknown wins Olympic gold. After a dominating victory, he waves the American flag. Yet George’s moment of triumph was spoiled by betrayal. However, it only made him angrier as a professional boxer. His opponent fell after receiving his devastating body punches but George never fell in every fight he fought, thus maintaining an undefeated record (Diggins 2003). Nobody thinks that Smokin’ Joe Frazier can be beaten by him.

George Foreman always got knocked off his pedestal time and again. He fought for everything, but somehow something kept derailing him just when he was about to make it. There was no accomplishment worth celebrating that didn’t come with some bad taste afterwards. The director/co-writer of Men of Honor and Notorious, George Tillman Jr., goes deep into a wounded soul here. In the legendary “Rumble in the Jungle,” Muhammad Ali (Sullivan Jones) defeated Foreman completely, ruining him like broken glass—his loss marked Foreman forever. For Foreman himself would have to get on the brink of death so as to comprehend why he was born.

The second act brings religious overtones to the film’s plot development so much that it might even be called a Bible adaptation or something similar according to some critics who might have had a chance to watch this movie previously before its premiere night at some countries worldwide including USA where they are available strictly through pay-TV channels only such Netflix or Showtime else streaming sites which provide free access without any fee required either way regardless one’s current location based simply upon geographical restrictions imposed against non-Americans living outside their country borders while other options may exist among others … This was a seismic change in his private life and not until then did he realize how wrong he had been mocking his mother’s beliefs since childhood believing them nothing more than blind faith (often associated with illiteracy), rather than true religion; therefore fists became his path to success once more; and, after this, Foreman retired from boxing although he had to return due to money reasons. However, the second one was not a case of a negative pull for him once again into the ring. It has brought about new wealth as well as the kind of international recognition that he has never received before.

Davis is a shining star in every way. He transforms his look completely, from a muscular monster to an obese man with a shiny head through surgery. His physical journey throughout this film is nothing short of amazing. It is not about muscles that define how he portrays Foreman though. The rage he first displays serves as a shield for his low self-esteem and self-hate. As a God-fearing man with new perspective, these will fade away. With Davis subtle touch and score, Foreman’s kind-heartedness comes out.

These scenes of boxing are true copies of the real fights themselves. There is some evangelism going on but it can be anticipated. Foreman owes his current success to faith in religion. You may dislike that philosophy but you surely must admire the positive influence it has had on him personally? Something while heating up your George Foreman Grill to think about!

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