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Hey folks, this one is for you! A French Netflix success story since March 1st; Furies takes us to the dark alleys of Paris for a captivating tale of revenge and organized crime. This eight-part series follows a young woman determined to find her father’s killer. To face down Furie, who is both feared and mysterious and who keeps the underworld functioning within the city of Paris, she is forced into it.

Cédric Nicolas-Troyan, known for his unique cinematic eye and ability to create immersive worlds, has directed Furies which promises to be an intense visual and emotional experience. The cast has brought together several talented actors including Lina El Arabi in the lead role supported by Marina Foïs, Mathieu Kassovitz, Steve Tientcheu, Quentin Faure, Jeremy Nadeau, Sandor Funtek, Anne Azoulay and Eye Haïdara.

This show should stand out in terms of its exploration of darker subject matter. Probably we will see some mix between drama, action so on which would keep viewers at the edge of their seats. Furies examines questions of compromised morality within criminal organizations as well as themes like power, loyalty and what happens when people seek revenge.

Our review of Furies on Netflix:

The series that runs at 100 miles an hour! On multiple counts – firstly its fast pace which will have you hanging on every second throughout all eight episodes that constitute season one. Then there is also this very complex plot that can switch back and forth between simplicity. Numerous plots intersect or do not meet at all with hints from movies such as Speed ‘the equalizer’ mission impossible or John Wick among others along those lines). To make it short – action…

On the casting side we find Marina Foïs in another register surprising but very accurate in the skin of this cold-as-death black widow but showing some more “tender” moments as she puts the young girl Lyna under her wing. Also Mathieu Kassovitz is very good as the antagonist, a character of interest and with two faces. Special mention to Lina El Arabi who stands out in her presence and acting compared to everyone else on this series. Secondary characters are also interesting.

However, it’s only the same old stories that can easily be guessed beforehand. But this doesn’t mean that we won’t enjoy every second of it! We also like how frequently myths are alluded to: the “Olympus” where members of the six families are assembled looks somehow like gods in their character and world, but above all – like “Furies”-the mythological goddesses of vengeance and punishment or even Parques-the middleman assassin with more than revealing name.

What’s more is that this series doesn’t pretend to be something else; that’s why we just love it here. So if you’re looking for an edgy, dynamic series, you’ve come to the right place. If not, skip it… Ready to warm up your remote control?

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