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Chris Evans and Ana de Armas have little chemistry in a romantic comedy action film that never really gets off the ground. Ghosted doesn’t ever figure out how to make its two individually likable leads work as a couple. A needy farmer falling for killer secret agent was an intriguing idea. Opposites attract, blood flows and love blossoms while bullets fly. Great on paper but there needs to be something tangible connecting this odd couple together. The movie piles on even more stardust by having cameo appearances from a few big names. These scenes are quite funny yet too brief to have any real impact.

On the outskirts of Washington DC, Sadie Rhodes (de Armas) grieving enters a farmer’s market one evening after work.She lost her colleague and didn’t know how to express herself fully about it.Cole Turner (Evans) has recently been broken up with because he was considered too clingy and affectionate.She’s looking for a plant that can survive without being watered every day.She travels and has no time for that.Cole doesn’t let her pay.He is unwilling to assume accountability for what might occur as far as withering flowers are concerned.Sadie walked away shocked like hell.

A friend tells Cole he should go after her.He could swear they wanted each other sexually.So, he stopped her car; requested her contacts.They maybe can go out sometime? Sadie gets taken aback—well then hang out now.Cole runs back in his room looking for inhaler.His habit of losing everything makes him attach some tracking tiles on them.

Day turns into night while their date keeps getting extended over time.Art curator who is always on the move.Farmer who has never exited his country.Soon Cole was leaving her townhouse feeling pretty high.And he couldn’t help texting meet again but nothing comes until several days later when…Cole realizes his inhaler is still in Sadie’s handbag.The tag shows that Sadie is in London.He makes a grand gesture of love across the pond.This leads him to dash over the Atlantic Ocean after her.Cole didn’t anticipate being abducted by sadistic goons on his arrival.He’s more shocked when Sadie, armed with a machine gun, swoops in and kills all of them.

The running gag throughout the film is “get a room you two!” This is heard repeatedly from one continent to another. The trouble with them though is there’s no smoldering passion.Evans and de Armas are both very attractive people. They obviously would like instant gratification. However, Ghosted attributes their chemistry to differences in their personalities.She’s guarded.He’s gosh-darnit sweet and ready to open up emotionally.There is no fry up in their bacon.Mixing like oil and water, the protagonists just go through the motions.

With his villainous Frenchman role played by an excellent Academy Award winning actor Adrien Brody, it seems as if he twirls his mustache around while doing so.A lot of threats are made by him at helpless henchmen but they’re not scary.The story arc involves him mistaking Cole for a spy because it couldn’t possibly be any woman who was kicking ass.Sadie slices up his men like confetti; nevertheless, he remains completely ignorant of it.This sexist spin on things was meant to be humorous but quickly runs out of steam.

The appearance of famous people is funny though they disclose the film’s weaknesses. Jokes for a few seconds then long boring periods are not an option. Additionally, it takes almost two hours to watch it that tries the viewers’ patience. In addition there is a feeling that Ghosted misses a chance with such star cast.

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