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This Death Whisperer movie revolves around a family that is haunted by eerie and menacing supernatural stuff, which affects their lives significantly. The eldest son must return home to protect his family from this unnatural and eerie threat. 

Horror movies usually frighten me a lot. Though I am too sensitive, watching horror movies cannot be avoid. Now, the thing about horror movies is that they always fascinate me quite much no matter how scared I become; they aren’t in any way boring to me at all since Thai series are very popular today; notably BL series among others however Thai horror and other genre films are also there with us. Since 2023 when Death Whisperer was released, I have been looking forward to its release on Netflix.

My waiting time is up now since Death Whisperer has just been premiere on Netflix. The film begins by showing a family that has both Thai and Chinese ancestry. A village in the farthest part of the province is where this family resides. The year is 1972 when things were not as developed as they are now and villages too struggled for existence.

Only through farming can these six children feed themselves as well as their parents. They have three sons and three daughters respectively. Yak is the oldest son while Yee is the youngest daughter among them all. It happen one day in the village where a girl was subject to shocking terror. She instantly died after this incident, leaving people perplexed about her death. The movie starts getting more interesting here as I became fascinated by the plot again. The re-story now starts when this family starts to encounter the same thing. Something very strange happened that made me feel so surprised. Three daughters of the Thai-Chinese family witnessed a woman who was kind of weird and mysterious at the same time. She wore dark clothes like black dress, returned from school.

After seeing her strange things begin happening to this family; Yam falls sick with some wrong symptoms. I recall Yad experiencing horrible incidents herself. I am sure that the family’s eldest son came back to rescue them from this terrible situation. Yak is a very good-looking and well-written character. I was deeply in love with this character, Nadech Kugimiya. It’s both entertaining and scary so you will definitely enjoy it. If you like horror movies, then it won’t let you down. The movie had great content. I recommend that you watch The Death Whisperer for yourself. It’s on Netflix.

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