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Hi Child, presently streaming on Netflix, is a fall suspense television show. Also known as Liebes Kind in German, this thriller by Romy Hausmann is based on her best-selling novel of the same title. Netflix has transformed it into a limited series that is simply thrilling at every level. Dear Child does not only have multiple suspense scenes but also makes sure you do not sleep at night. Here’s why the Netflix series is definitely one to watch.

As Dear Child starts where most thrillers end, there is a lady running away from some woods and getting hit by a car. The badly injured Hannah seems to be her daughter when she lands in hospital. She does not know how long she was there or even what name she goes by. Only that she was kidnapped, abused, raped—indeed forced into mothering two kids—Hannah and brother Jonathan. What?!?

Eventually, after they were questioned by police it emerged that Lena who Hannah had referred to isn’t her real name but rather Jasmin instead.The girl talks of having to follow his rules and being very allergic to sunlight again: what happened?

In the beginning of Dear Child when Jasmin was taken to hospital with an assumed name Lena for admission purposes; Gerd Bühling whose attention was consumed with what he heard from the casualty wondered could she be Lena who disappeared 13 years ago? He tries together with his colleague Aida Kurz locate Lena’s whereabouts; figure out who Jasmin is and identify the kids including where they were being held captive without informing anyone about their plans.Hence it should come as no surprise that everything becomes much more interconnected than initially thought.What child says doesn’t need any further explanation anymore since dear child takes so many twists and turns—and just stays interesting throughout.

The entire cast of Dear Child excels in different episodes but women bring in its greatest tension: Kim Riedle (Skylines) delivers such a performance in the role of Jasmin that will stick with you long after the last episode. You’ll see her as she oscillates between playing a brainwashed, broken person and returning to how she was when she was free. She doesn’t want to be a victim—and this is why those scenes in which she stands before the mirror fighting battles with herself have become so powerful.

Hailey Louise Jones (Paradise) plays Aida Kurt: a police officer having many assistants and she’s very soft-hearted but absorbs everything about kidnapper. Lastly, Julia Jenkins (Dark) who acts independently from Lena’s mother, just wanting to get through day by day since 13 years ago her daughter vanished. For Lena, shown as flashback and then disappeared without any trace from party thirteen years prior; Jeanne Goursaud (Barbarians) played that role.

Hans Löw (the Ferdinand von Schirach series) plays police officer Gerd Bühling, whom Lena’s disappearance brought to the brink of a nervous breakdown more than once. Justus von Dohnányi (First Name) plays Lena’s father who still believes that his daughter is alive and Sammy Schreib plays Jonathan, Hannah’s brother who unlike his big sister is full of sorrow when rescued

Dear Child is definitely the most thrilling series on Netflix lately. That was because of Romy Hausmann’s story line as well as the performance of actors and excellent camera work: This means that you only see someone else closely following everything Jasmin and co are doing. Nevertheless, it remains a mystery about such an individual; thereby, this enhances suspense.

Moreover, women like Jasmin, Hannah as well as Lena’s mother, and police officers among whom Aida Kurt is included are at the center of Dear Child. Suffering through with fears of death, horror scenes reveal curiosity or ignorance amongst maternal figures in one go.

In addition to this fact Dear child tells its tale in such a manner that one may be tempted to watch all episodes at once till they conclude. However The not so hardcore might find it a challenge: In between bombs bursting and gruesome revelation happening suspense can be sensed throughout these film episodes. Such tension will make your nails dig into your pillow while you sit up straight on your couch with pulse racing out of control.It simply demands for watching

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