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Merry Little Batman, Prime Video’s fun journey into the DC Universe, is a cross between Home Alone and Batman. The holiday animation iconically puts together almost all characters related to DC villains that people have loved over time with other comic book heroes. If only other DC movie held this much spunk, vigor, and cohesiveness. Warner Bros has announced that it will be watching you closely from now on Mr. James Gunn of Studio titans fame and Mr. Peter Safran.

The story follows Damian Wayne (Yonas Kibreab), who is yearning so much to become Batman like his father, Bruce Wayne (Luke Wilson). When a surprising series of events finds Batman heading off to thwart a potential disaster, Damian is left home alone only to stumble upon a villainous plot to steal Christmas. Does he have what it takes to save the day?

The story comes from Morgan Evans, Ethan Cohen, and Jase Ricci. Directing duties fall on Mike Roth (Regular Show) while James Cromwell plays Alfred and David Hornsby voices The Joker.) It’s great fun from beginning to end, Merry Little Batman has the makings of an instant Christmas classic.

Warner Bros Animation is behind the production of Merry Little Batman which features characters from DC Comics. This allows writers and directors plenty room to choose from different iterations of Batman for example borrowing musical references from T.V show’s theme song popular in 1960s or having every villain ever presented in BatVerse comic books included in the film. As a result, we get funny romp with awesome cast voices as well as sharp animated sequences.

The storyline unveils a single-father Batman who by now is pretty much retired (There’s some fun discovering who Bat Mamma may be.) Once he learned that he had actually impregnated Talia al Ghul before their final battle at Trigon’s hands; Christopher Nolan had no choice but to kill Batman off. He had to do something about raising Damian though, so he spent the next few years taking down every criminal in Gotham City. Thanks to Batman, all of this time has been golden and the once crime-ridden Gotham is a very happy place now. What could go wrong? One phone call later and Batman must head back to work — on Christmas Eve no less.

Enraged that he cannot join his father, Damian develops his own plan for practicing good-natured yet inadequate superheroism. Then he tricks Alfred into going shopping and suddenly Wayne Manor belongs only to him. A moment later two robbers break in and Damien cunningly comes forward first to rescue his beloved home. And it all goes back onto one sinister plot involving familiar supervillains such as The Joker, Poison Ivy (Therese McLaughlin), Bane (Chris Sullivan), Penguin (Brian George), Mr Freeze (Dolph Adomian) among others as Damian steers through Gotham.

Merry Little Batman feels like an animated kid of George Clooney’s Batman & Robin which was already pretty animated as it were. However, the best thing about it is how well the story was written by the writers. In DC Comics and other television versions he was known simply as Robin, but here they have twisted his character into a much younger boy full of enthusiasm for life itself. He’s sharp, smart and determined. Until he finds another one in his dad’s lair, Damian makes his own little batman costume too.. This is where director Mike Roth has a ball anytime there is an action sequence with Damian fighting villains or so it seems!

David Hornsby is a hoot, lending his voice as The Joker, a nice blend of Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson, two former Jokers who played the role to death. But no one really minded. Dolph Adomian’s Mr. Freeze voice goes by way of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s take on the character, yet another “bat” moment for self-referencing purposes. Penguin and Poison Ivy fare decently well when portrayed by Brian George and Therese McLaughlin in that order. Reid Scott comes out as Commissioner Gordon ready to illuminate the sacred bat symbol.

Damian has to face his fears and be courageous as he navigates a very shady plan to steal Christmas from Gotham city. Among the greatest creative elements in Batman: 2012 Dark Knight Returns Part I are its precision animation nicely blended with outstanding voice talents including Peter Weller (The Batman) and Ariel Winter (Robin). It was an animated movie about Batman at that; therefore, it was already high stake situation. Luckily, action scenes became an epicurean delight and were handled with style.

What a great joy it is to witness Damian transforming from climbing into pantry shelves to readying himself for grappling with roomful of villains head on! This little kid/big city thing works rather nicely all around. This world’s design is so dead-on with everything about it you don’t quite want to leave it behind immediately at all costs. Just whimsy everywhere around; you will not be able to resist smiling when there are several familiar faces—The Justice League, The Wonder Twins—oh our favourite…”Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg …” Yep – they did that! With its perfect pitch tone, fine animations along with numerous “bat” references plus cool gadgets Merry Little Batman is one of the most celebratory holiday tales in this time of year.

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