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Beckham is a captivating four-part Netflix documentary series that delves deep into the life and career of football icon David Beckham, offering an intimate look at his journey from a football-obsessed boy to a global superstar.

Netflix’s latest documentary series, Beckham, offers an intimate and surprisingly candid look into the life and career of one of football’s most iconic figures, David Beckham. Comprising four engaging episodes, this series peels back the layers of fame and delves deep into the personal and professional journey of a man who became a global superstar.

Beckham Review: A Personal Journey

Beckham, directed by Fisher Stevens, known for his work on Succession, immediately strikes a chord with viewers. It successfully blends elements of biography and personal reflection, giving audiences an unfiltered look at David Beckham’s life. The documentary’s narrative takes us on a journey from his humble beginnings as a football-obsessed boy to his rise to international stardom.

One of the most compelling aspects about Beckham is how it examines his relationship with legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Throughout the series we hear Ferguson’s side of things which lightens up their evolving relationship. From mentorship to fallout that rocked the soccer world; it makes for an interesting story line.

Family Matters

Family plays central role in Beckham’s life as depicted in this documentary. With stories about his strict father Ted and spirited mother Sandra audiences gain insights into his upbringing. Sandra especially comes across as likeable character when she describes her devotion to her son coupled with her funny encounters with journalists.

Victoria Beckham was surprisingly open in this regard given what tends to be perceived about her being reserved. She shares amusing tales recounting some of the media madness surrounding herself and David throughout the turbulent 90s era. Her perspective provides fresh insight into what their relationship was like as well as some high-profile couple problems they faced together.

A Star-Studded Affair

Beckham is not only a family affair; it is also a star-studded extravaganza. The series boasts appearances by some of football’s biggest names such as Cantona, Ronaldo Nazário, Paul Scholes, Roy Keane, and many more. These soccer legends add depth to Beckham’s story showcasing his relevance both on and off the field.

Non-football celebrities are also featured in this show. Peter Hook from Joy Division and New Order describes the rise of footballers as “rock stars” in Manchester. Anna Wintour delves into the global phenomenon of “Posh and Becks.”

Beckham Review: Beyond Football

While football remains at the heart of Beckham’s story, Beckham focuses on his pioneering role as a brand ambassador. He was one among the earliest soccer players to go beyond sports representation to become an international idol. The series brings out how David Beckham’s marriage to Victoria Spice amplified their status into tabloid fame.

The documentary revisits the tabloid frenzy of the 1990s that rehashes what people thought about them at that time. It tackles rumors, controversies, and scandals head-on. As much as he has been open about everything there is always some part of him that loves control.

A Captivating Watch

The Beckham documentary, which is captivating and interesting offers an unedited view of David Beckham’s ups and downs. Every episode, lasting over an hour, feels like a breath making it fun for football fans as well as anyone drawn to the phenomenon of Brand Beckham. If you want to understand who the man behind the image is, this is definitely a must watch – a man who despite all his glitz and glamour still remains grounded from being that boy with dreams to now becoming a global football star.

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