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Bittersweet with love and drama, A Journey is anticipated as a tearjerker. If you are one of those film fans who likes nothing better than to have a good heartfelt cry, then this Filipino tearjerker should be at the top of your watchlist when it debuts on Netflix on April 12 — especially if you’re familiar with the show that all three stars worked on before bringing their special bond to this movie.

The brief description of A Journey suggests why this may be an emotional story for many people, with extra feelings for insiders. According to the official Netflix blurb: “Refusing treatment for her cancer, a woman goes on a road trip across Tasmania to check off items on her bucket list with her husband and best friend.”

The first act alone has me alarmed and I dread that the ending may just break my heart. This film assesses some of the grief-stricken realities behind the story; there will not be a single dry eye in the cinema.

A quote opens up about what might be taking place in the movie through just one statement made by the narrator: “It’s all about the destination.” This could be pivotal in understanding how things unfold.

So our three leads discuss “journey or destination”. It is depicted as ‘’a journey of looking back” according to an on-screen caption; therefore we see them hugging each other outdoors revealing how close they are. This reference may appear more meta than initial thoughts acknowledge.

In additional scenes where they are driving together and stopping at several attractions while music plays over these shots. Another caption warns us that it will deal with themes such as friendship, love and death suggesting that not all is well with this trio.

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