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A gullible Utah teenager meeds an older man through the internet and falls in love, but her mother is shocked when she brings him home. This story will make every parent quiver in fear. It is a worst case scenario for any parent who has ever worried about their children and the dangers of social networking. The plot thicken with a bombshell drop in the second act. Up to that moment my eyes were straight out of its sockets blinked instantly disbelieving it.

The sensational twist is too much to take. It drives the movie into a weird direction where everything doesn’t look real.

At night, Anna (Grace Van Dien) stays locked up in her room pouring over poetry forums. She gets to know tender words from sweet sensitive Eric(Kyle Gallner). According to this high schooler, he is in college. Beth (Summer Phoenix), Anna’s mother, doesn’t suspect anything at all about what her daughter does on the computer at night when she is alone in her room reading or chatting online with friends . Finally, after years of being together; Tim (Jesse Garcia), whom everyone knows as Sheriff because that’s his job title since forever now proposes marriage to Beth.

Beth tells Anna about that joyous event and they plan for another life together with Tim. Also on this day, it’s Anna’s birthday and the engagement takes place. That time every year Beth prepares small gathering for Anne and her friends. “I have got a big surprise gift,” Eric messaged Anna. And then I was shocked to see him standing by our porch having said he was around there just before he texted me! How did he find my address? Although feeling uncomfortable and even afraid at some point, she decides to meet him anyway.

Anna lets down her guard with Eric’s charm. He confesses that he lied about being nineteen and attending college like other people of his age do which actually turns out to be not true. He says there is something special about Anna and he didn’t want to lose her. Eric offers to leave but Anna can’t bear it. She needs him around. This relationship gets physical right away. A blissful Anna has never been happier.

Beth and Tim are planning an engagement party for the couple. She can sense that something’s different with her daughter now; she no longer wants to hide her relationship with Eric anymore. Anna admits to having a boy friend who is much older than her mother, Beth.She hits upon another shocker when she tells her mom that Eric will be coming over for dinner tonight, isn’t this outrageous? Opening the door, she takes his hand in hers and leads him inside at last.Tim looks like he doesn’t know what’s going on but there’s an instant reaction from Beth when she sees Eric.Anna was heartbroken when Beth ordered him out of their house immediately and forbade him ever talking to me again.

The first act of What Comes Around left me speechless.It’s so easy for young beautiful innocent girls like Anna to fall into the hands of strangers. But seeing Eric face-to-face is not what she wants most of all.Frankly speaking, Anna has some knowledge how fragile their connection is.It’s wrong or better yet virtual only.Eric visiting brings heightened stakes.The puppy love turns into hot passion.Eric deftly separates them.Anna goes against everything because it’s boring and predictable of course .She just lands in the arms of a scheming lover who isn’t really a lover at all.

Eric has another agenda that is laid bare in a surprising exchange. Now everything that happened in the movie up to this point, we must view through an entirely different lens. It brings clarity about his true motivation and purpose but the plot gets lost. When emotions are heightened, people often make foolish choices and it’s logical to assume so. However, there needs to be some common sense and rationality among the adults when it comes to the family’s welfare. What occurs between Anna, Beth, Eric and Tim is pure soap opera material. This is just not credible; instead it becomes worse as characters dig in further on their actions.

Beth goes through a personal rollercoaster trying to deal with Anna’s hasty decisions.Turmoil majorly plays a role in this evolving mystery.The premise has Beth raising Anna alone from four-years-old.She means everything for her.Eric poses himself as an absolute threat who uses her only child for a secret sinister aim.Beth’s reluctance of challenging him will make you sick.Although doesn’t look good no mother would watch as his house was being brought down No way! Her husband-to-be cop would not let Eric keep stalking them like he always does.

Amy Redford (Maid in Manhattan, The Guitar), actress turned director balances heavy themes with decreasing success. What Comes Around initially grabs attention as soon as Anna starts going out with Eric. It loses plausibility when discussing the spicy parts take over the narrative.Explosive and tense encounters feel staged.Events could never have been allowed to disintegrate so dramatically.Fuel is poured on a raging fire that should be smothered.The film climax feels especially hollow.In any case, it is obvious what the message here is.Predators lurk around social media with evil designs.Minors should not have uncontrolled access online.

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