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It debuted on BBC last year, The Gold, having received wonderful accolades. It was a fitting tribute to the series which had been inspired by a bizarre incident that occurred on 26th November 1983. What happened then was six armed men who had laid siege at Brinks-Mat security depot near Heathrow Airport in London with an intention of stealing one million pounds but instead what they stumbled across was twenty-six million pounds worth of gold bullion.

The existence of these historical elements is what makes The Gold tick. Whether it will be among the most-watched content on any streaming platform like it did when it appeared on BBC remains to be seen. Nonetheless, there are signs that this is set to become one of Paramount+’s big hits as soon as Star Trek seasons have concluded.

However, their all-star casts are very important in such a respect. Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), Jack Lowden (Dunkirk), Dominic Cooper (Preacher), Charlotte Spencer (The Living and the Dead), Tom Cullen, Emun Elliott (Castle in the Ground), Sean Harris (Mission: Impossible—Fallout), Ellora Torchia (In the Earth) and Stefanie Martin are all featured within Neil Forsyth’s Guilt-based creation and script for The Gold. While these talented artists add depth to an intriguing narrative, there are some factors which make this series not quite a “24-carat” hit.

But general audiences may occasionally tire from keeping up with this otherwise compelling caper by Neil Forsyth because he too has his moments when he delves too deep into character complexities that may bore common viewers out there. Fascinating though it is. But also rather dense and much more complicated than first meets the eye. However if you can keep up with it you’ll appreciate this ride through space-time.

This starts quickly and cruelly as hell! A team of robbers outside Old Kent Road who look like they’re preparing for another one of their conventional armed robberies. They go into the Brinks-Mat security depot with a mind to taking home a million pounds but in the process of apprehending a security guard, they leave £26m worth gold bullion stored there since that morning when it was being shipped to Hong Kong. The stakes are raised and we see this in detail over the first episode.

From here, writer Neil Forsyth splinters his story, dividing up sets of characters, all of whom have a stake at either getting away with the crime, or solving it and establishing justice. Therein lie our friendly investigators. Nicki Jennings (Charlotte Spencer) and Tony Brightwell (Emun Elliott) make a fine pair. They work for Scotland Yard’s major crimes division known as Flying Squad, and are desperate to solve this case but are immediately challenged by Brian Boyce (Hugh Bonneville), who has been seconded from London Met Police’s special task force. He reluctantly agrees to keep them on board despite displaying an unfriendly attitude and giving orders which is typical of him. This is one of the many interesting combinations that pop up throughout The Gold.

In some instances, while viewing The Gold, you may wish you had CliffsNotes. However, in the end it is a worthy investment so you might as well stay on through the story. There’s also this Guy Ritchie-like lightness mixed with other British cop dramas. You would always like to know how things pan out. It is an added advantage that it is based on real life happenings. Nonetheless, this miniseries focuses heavily on intricate relationships built among various groups of people within it. It doesn’T tell a story of one person and how he or she bravely pulled through during the crisis Is not really what’s going on in this case? This aim has been achieved.

This fellow has become cocky and happy overnight from having all that gold bullion who is Micky (Adam Nagaitis). He attracts Kenny (Jack Lowden) who can get the gold out of South London without raising any suspicions and back into circulation as intended by him. Presence wise Nagaitis and Lowden are good actors. Here he plays cunning character you want to support as a viewer with sufficient intensity for his act thereof.Lowden does create quite a dilemma though for his role here.His character brings in John (Tom Cullen) who lives in a forested hideout can melt down gold and make it disappear.

It doesn’t stop there; money laundering – key after selling gold Kenny hires Edwyn Cooper (Dominic Cooper in top form), an unscrupulous advocate . Meanwhile, Edwyn sets up a way for the money to go through Swiss banks.Going on.

Bonneville, Nagaitis and Kenny shine among other characters. Spencer & Elliott will grow on you-look out for Tom Austen (The royals)and Peter Ferdinando(Starred Up). Stefani Martini (The Last Kingdom), playing John’s wife Marnie.Should she be considered as a wild card? All very well.

In respect to the creative front, this is excellently edited – sharp and precise with moments of suspense. They keep making a point about class and wealth always coming back to maybe that person on the bottom rung of ladder is king. This idea constantly appears in the whole miniseries. Overall, The Gold shines more frequently than you would expect considering how many things go on in it. It’s baffling that the disposal of gold bullion led to an enormous international money laundering operation. A lot can be found here. Stick with it as its payoff is surprisingly worth its weight in gold.

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