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Rarely would viewers be urged to endure a film that is terrible for 30 minutes and also very rarely does a bad beginning make a movie successful. This is the catch-22 of Final Cut (or just Cut, or Coupé, in French), the new film that opens with one shot lasting over half an hour. In current films like Birdman and 1917, such cinematic pyrotechnics have endeared themselves to audiences; however, in the case of Final Cut, the “oner” inexorably flirts with disaster. It’s clumsy, badly staged and bewildering.

Stay here—Final Cut is told through three stories; capture mentioned above in a single take from a cheap horror movie; the story behind that horror flick and its cast and crew; and happening off-camera while shooting this oner. A sham horror movie about low-budget zombie filmmakers who are actually attacked by real zombies forms part of it; then Final Cut takes us back to when they were making this sham movie. Therefore, Final Cut is a meta film about the production of a horror film about the production of a zombie film gone horribly wrong.

In case these sound familiar, either you’re bonkers or you’ve seen One Cut of the Dead, an incredible little Japanese film which Final Cut has been adapted from. However surprising it might seem at first to hear that Michel Hazanavicius directed this new French version but after witnessing dismembered arms, projectile vomit as well as fountains of blood during its initial thirty-minute scenes? Indeed Hazanavicius won The Artist Best Director Oscar which also won all three major awards including Best Picture at Oscars BAFTAs and César Awards

However if you can get through those first 35 minutes then you will understand why Final Cut is absolutely an appropriate movie for her because it’s one among most hilarious movies from last year but also one is ever made in recent time on films.

A zombie is involved in a dramatic encounter with a woman at the beginning of Final Cut which then reveals a film crew capturing everything as the camera moves backwards. The director cuts however, the single take doesn’t. He storms off after an unexpected eruption of rage that he directs at his young cast. A few small weird things start to creep out as time goes by and there’s an actual, real live zombie attacking the film crew. Sometimes, the camera just does not know when to move; occasionally, actors stumble over their lines; it feels like everyone is out of sync – they are not even reading from the same book.

First Cut starts as a so-bad-it’s-good movie that leaves more questions open than it answers and actually confuses audience with its choices and decisions throughout. Then, cue the credits…

Let’s go back in time for some months and be introduced to Rémi (Romain Duris, L’Auberge Espagnole) who is the director of a film that has just ended. However, he has embraced mediocrity. He is a director who “fast, cheap, and decent” which is similar to a Roger Corman kind of style but without the enthusiasm or artistic freedom.

On his part, however, there are imaginative women around him. He is married to an extremely talented actress Nadia (played by Bérénice Bejo who happens to be the filmmaker’s wife) who retired young as she tried digging too deep into her characters; furthermore their daughter Romy (played by Simone Hazanavicius who is also the film maker’s daughter) wants to become a filmmaker too.

Rémi takes up the job of remaking Japanese film for French audience (essentially One Cut of Dead gets remade by Final Cut), only that all this stuff will be shown on air live since they have launched a new horror TV channel called Z’. The cast and crew are assembled and trained in order to make the long one-shot take work out even though there are people from Japan behind it constantly asking them for weirdest creative decisions such as leaving Japanese names intact for all French actors at that.

One thing after another happens over again so that in not long time these passionate but awkward artists get united notwithstanding their differences, bad literature source and lots of comical errors which were very disgusting.

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