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Finding himself in the company of some caring dogs who are always ready to look out for him, an abandoned dog, rightly referred to as “despicable” by its owner manages to revenge sweetly on his way back home. With its overt indulgence in raunchy and sex-fueled humor, Strays will have people in aisle laughing. The foul-mouthed dogs often drop f-bombs while making fun of uncanny human beings and their love for dogs’ excreta. The smart script does not just enjoy all that is naughty but also provides a surprising insight.

Reggie (Will Ferrell), a scruffy Border Terrier, describes how “every day is a great day” with Doug (Will Forte), his supposedly amazing owner. He gets what’s left of the food eaten by his master and is sometimes called fun names like st head or fk nugget while being chased around their filthy house. Reggie loves it when the awesome Doug pushes him off the couch during one of his favorite activities – drum roll please – endless masturbation. Unemployed Doug has no responsibility but wanking off all day every day. But the best game is when Doug drives Reggie miles away, throws a tennis ball as far as possible, and jumps in the pickup before he can get back . It’s sometimes tiring trying to find your way home but I can hear Doug shouting with excitement as you come closer.

Playing fetch takes an interesting twist after an eviction notice gets pinned on their front door. When poor Reggie unintentionally breaks Doug’s favorite bong during packing up; this sets off an explosion.However,this move seems so selfish throwing me into the truck.En-route,I am thrown out of the car.But how did we get here? As he snickers away,Doug throws ball towards dark alley where he kicks out Reggie.What happens next is that Reggie retrieves his toy only for it to be cruelly snatched by a rottweiler and doberman pinscher. Reggie, who is frightened, cowers in terror. At that moment, he is saved by a little dog with big attitude.

Bug (Jamie Foxx) hates bullies. Before you know it, the large breeds are put in their place really fast as Reggie follows Bug’s shrewd and clever ideas about taking care of him but doesn’t like being called a stray.

Reggie is taken to a dog park by Bug where he meets Hunter (Randall Park), a huge Great Dane with per cone head and the Australian Shepherd named Maggie(Isla Fisher). The nice Hunter was kicked out of police training after failing to meet the standards set for them and currently serves as a therapy dog in nursing homes. They tell Reggie to wise up.Doug left you there to die.Reggie has been hurt and betrayed; now his anger surges. He’s going back home to find Doug and bite off his favorite part of his body.

Strays starts off right away, with Reggie being completely oblivious to Doug’s abusive behavior towards him. Ferrell’s voiceover is innocent until he finally realizes what has actually happened. Foxx corrupts Reggie by introducing him in all manners of immorality making him adore street life dearly. An “unleashed” dog eats, pees, shits whenever; no more waiting on some dumb human being walking around you slowly or beating you or cursing at everything.People suck.That will let you down.Why should people suck? This is later explained but is nothing but empty pride.This indicates that every canine needs attention and belongingness.

Reggie learns to fit in with a bunch of other dogs as they travel together on his revenge mission. He has never known friendship or the feeling of being truly welcomed. It is Bug, Maggie, and Hunter who first treat him differently from others. Such scenes bring some humanity into an otherwise juvenile comedy show. The madcap games that these characters play will blow your mind away but it’s like how dogs perceive their surroundings.

The characters are made to speak in a metaphorical way by Dan Perrault (American Vandal, Players) about why we don’t understand why we don’t lick our own butts or why we have great interest in strange chocolate collections… perhaps this is where all the poop goes.

You hardly notice Strays’ seamless visual effects because they blend with the story line so well. The canines communicate amongst themselves only. But they bark, yap and howl at everyone else. Josh Greenbaum (Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, Becoming Bond), the director, does not go too far in humanizing his cast of animals with fur coats on screen. They always act like dogs; there is no exception to that rule every time you see them talk about their perverse sexual styles openly like grown-ups do during sex chats about one another’s sex life when no one else is listening . There’s also a subplot romance between Maggie and Hunter that gets big laughs out of people meaning let’s just say Hunter has a large penis or something like that!

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