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This knew no one, that Jean-Claude Van Damme had a fan in Christopher Nolan of all people? This time, the British auteur returns 1994’s Timecop with better special effects and a far more intricate story. Tenet is an eye-popping sci-fi actioner marred by ponderous confusion. It becomes difficult to appreciate dynamic lead performances as they are lost amidst head scratching reveals. The supporting characters have no depth in them. I get tired of sifting through details. All makes sense at the end, kind of but not rewarding enough experience, Tenet does not leave you wanting more.

The Protagonist (John David Washington) is trying to save a CIA operative during an attack by terrorists in Ukraine. That leads him to an unusual occurrence which involves a particular object whose origin cannot be easily explained. His mission goes wrong. Waking up after he gets promoted, he has different goals now.The unknown factions are fighting a temporal Cold War.A cool-headed Russian oligarch called Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh) is at the heart of this fight and this movie tells nothing about his own side.Rather than going direct, The Protagonist comes into Sator’s organization via Kat, who is his unsatisfied wife.

The truth of these dramatic incidences unravels what is at stake. Saving the world from destruction hangs on that line.The enemies that confront John David Washington’s character possess weapons which move backwards in time.That’s why he employs his ex-CIA agent friend Robert Pattinson to help find out where they come from.So all around the world they go hunting for pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that concerns time.Kat falls victim to circumstances she never imagined herself facing let alone being caught up in.Following whichever course it takes, The Protagonist must get her back.

A look at Quantum physics loads Tenet’s cinematic guns. Trouble is, objects can be “inverted” in the spacetime continuum. It’s pretty neat for the whole film.Tenet has some impressive shots where bullets fly in reverse and cars and people move backwards while everything else moves forward.The same item may also be produced twice when they simultaneously show up for an instant. It’s problematic when these guys start to describe what it is that happening.These slow, heavy conversations break up some amazing action scenes.Nolan’s script is theoretical and metaphysical chaos.

John David Washington fights a lot of people and gets beaten in return.Robert Pattinson plays Batman well, but as his sidekick Robin.Every other character in the movie serves no purpose beyond their names.Elizabeth Debicki only exists to play the role of a woman about whom someone has to worry about always.It’s not clear why he finds her so indispensable.Kenneth Branagh comes off as almost James Bond villain with a Russian accent that seems comical.His part will probably be brought up several times. There are other bit players who turn up from time to time, but never have anything substantial written about them.Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception) disappoints us with his minor characters for the first time.

It was meant to be funny but this Timecop analogy does actually describe what Tenet is all about.A secret agent travels back through time to save his love interest before others get their hands on the technology.However, Nolan’s Tenet promises a lot of confusion amongst viewers during its showing.The climaxing scene takes place within such a quick sequence of reversed racing figures then explosions followed by cutaways.Meanwhile another viewing might not seem necessary here because there is nothing interesting enough.Film produced by Syncopy with worldwide distribution from Warner Bros.

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