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He is always seen in those recent films, which usually feature Liam Neeson taking risks to save his family. That’s what the new movie is about; it is even an official remake of El Desconocido, a Spanish film made in 2015. The only difference here is that he turns tail and runs away from scaredy cats at least. Retribution also has this car bombing set up like Speed (1994) with the bomb placed beneath the car seats. He got them all under control with pressure sensitive explosive devices. That are remote control to ensure no one gets off his or her seat.

Liam Neeson plays Matt Turner, a businessman who can’t find time for his wife and children because he spends most of his time closing deals. You will always find him on phone negotiating another deal. The Retribution movie actually starts with him doing something physically engaging by hitting a punching bag like a professional. But that is just about the only thing he ever does in the film. However, he isn’t beating criminals as he used to do in Taken franchise, sorry folks! His long-suffering wife Heather (Embeth Davidtz) asks him to drop the kids at school. And Matt reluctantly agrees because he’s not exactly dad of the year.

They live in their own teenage world – there’s a teenager son (Jack Champion) and a little daughter (Lilly Aspell). Who never part with their phones like other teenagers do. In fact, one of his biggest challenges in this film comes when he has to try and talk his children into giving him their mobiles phones. So that they could be thrown off the window per instructions given through blackmailed calls.

The remainder of the film involves driving around at high speed to various locations where colleagues have been detonated upon answering their cell phone calls whilst behind the wheel. In Taken movies Neeson is presenting as being way ahead of others. But here everything seems totally hopeless with him completely helpless and at the mercy of his tormentor. For the sake of his kids, he goes along with it all and even agrees to steal money from an account known only to him. It is not until police rescue the children and they are out of the chessboard that he actually takes action. In order to go after the person responsible for placing a bomb on her car seat as well as killing all those people.

We’ve always seen Liam Neeson get out of much worse situations than this so we know he’ll do it again. Thus, it would be fair to say that here, the actor doesn’t play an antagonist. But portrays a victim who realizes when he was chasing money. He became nothing more than a family-losing husband. This is what makes them reunite again during crisis perhaps that’s what this movie taught us – never take your eyes off things that truly make us human beings. He looks good as an anxious dad here. Maybe indicating that the actor is ready to switch back to doing dramatic movies.

We are fond of seeing him in action films though. However we strongly believe there’s much more he can do than just fight. And don’t worry action buffs, there’s plenty of car chases and road rage mayhem to make your day. It seems like all has been film in real traffic conditions. That is commendable work by cinematographer and editor for sure!

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