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Introduction of the Netflix comedic thriller “Bodkin” starts with Gilbert Power (Will Forte), protagonist in the show saying, “I didn’t expect to solve anything when I started this podcast. I didn’t expect it to change my life.” This does a good job of setting up the concerns of the characters as well as revealing where their fictional series is flawed. Set in America, it traces an American true crime podcast host by the name Gilbert and his researcher Emmy (Robyn Cara) who partner with journalist Dove (Siobhán Cullen) for a mission to unmask the mysterious disappearances that occurred in Bodkin. 

While several of the town’s inhabitants start noticing them, some are fans while others are not friendly towards these new faces. Anyway, Gilbert together with Emmy are determined to make another big hit whereas Dove gets more involved into the mystery and will do anything at all cost to reveal their identity. Initially they don’t get along but through out time they grow quite fond of each other and interestingly enough; their different ways of interviewing and interrogating turn out to be beneficial for the group. 

The first glares from people reveals that there is something wrong going on in Bodkin as well as its community at large. By this time, it results into a malicious hit-and-run during their initial few days in town (fortunately no one dies) followed by burning down their driver’s car. That which attracts Gilbert’s attention regularly about the town’s picturesque landscapes hides secrets that each individual wants concealed from others within community boundaries. This forms main contention points in this movie which aptly highlight shortcomings encountered under true crimes genre.

The theme that runs through its early episodes is what happens when you tell stories about places you never came from or people who don’t like strangers. The discord between listeners or viewers and media such as podcasts or documentaries is always a given part of any media text produced by those who tell the story and the society which are involved in such dialogues. Early on in the series Gilbert tells Emmy that “the best stories are always mysteries” (), thus showing us that he does not realize that the stories he is telling belong to real people. However, Dove astutely likens true crime podcasts to “public hangings” thereby putting her against Gilbert and Emmy since they think it’s a joke.

The series doesn’t lose sight of some of the issues it was trying to tackle as it goes on until towards “Bodkin’s” finale. However, these themes behind its formation take a subordinate position compared to main mystery at hand. Nevertheless, with episode 4, this show starts voicing supporting characters by giving voice to those whom the three protagonists exploit without knowing about it. By far, Seamus (David Wilmont) is one of most mysterious and powerful inhabitants of this town. While Dove believes that he is responsible for taking lives of people who went missing during Samhain festival, Gilbert isn’t so sure about that.

In a push to extract more information from the man, Gilbert spends most of episodes four and five in Seamus’ company. It is during their time that Gilbert and us realize there’s another side to him. This relationship between them seems almost sweet at times (if you can use that word in such a dark comedy) and there is great chemistry between Forte and Wilmot. While driving around trying to collect on a debt owed to a bar patron by Gilbert, they share with one another about various romantic and life failures. As they become closer, Gilbert becomes increasingly desperate for Seamus not to be the bad guy Dove believes he is. The best connection in this talky series allows the writing and acting of the show shine through.

Ultimately, “Bodkin” proves itself in a sea of thrillers and true crime expansions. It builds up suspenseful mystery plots while also developing its main as well as secondary characters. For this type of series, everything relies on the play of show’s cast; thankfully, each performer gives it his or her all here. Dove’s determination and coyness mix well with Gilbert’s frankness towards Emmy while allowing the Americans to act as detectives themselves too. Their different perspectives on the world around them including their professions help them crack open the case wide open revealing how cold might have been lukewarm.

However, what we have here is a simmering monster ready to erupt which has lain dormant for decades beneath Bodkin earth’s surface.It is an eruption waiting to happen; through Dove, Gilbert, Emmy will get it done soon enough.This is said briefly by people who pass but remains hidden among those who are most important people when it comes out there.The story never overstays its welcome but instead unfolds into one of the most entertaining shows of the year.There is an underlying caution that some things need not be revealed maybe they are better left dead.

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