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In Bhakshak Movie, There is a lot of trouble stirred up by an individual television journalist called Vaishali Singh (Bhumi Pednekar) and her companion named Bhaskar (Sanjay Mishra). These journalists from smaller rural towns want to uncover human trafficking going on in Bihar.

The bi-media team has the hope of saving small orphaned girls from Munawwarpur; a torturous shelter home situated at Bihar owned by Bansi Sahu who is known to be very powerful. Nonetheless, corruption is entrenched within the state’s law and order, thereby leaving the police helpless. It takes two common people to withstand political intimidation, threats, and societal pressure that dictates us mind our own business for one simple reason—safety.

Pulkit’s directorial focus here seems to be celebrating unknown heroes from smaller towns as the rich and powerful are busy towing the line. Though they might look gullible but they have courage to speak truth to power. He also talks about growing apathy in ever-shrinking social media world.

But it goes back into the 90s’ melodrama execution that spoils its sincerity as good intentions cannot always save you. Bansi Sahu’s name is mentioned more than 100 times by everyone including himself in this movie yet he does not appear as threatening or influential as he is made out to be. Strangely enough, everybody has direct access with him every time. The investigative-crime thriller lacks both investigation and thrill, making it more exhausting rather than grippingly interesting. The storytelling lacks urgency even fear that should make such a heart hitting issue deeply engaging. At no point are you emotionally invested in the characters or their trauma. Even Vaishali’s supportive husband doesn’t get enough room to express his inhibitions properly.

In one instance, Vaishali hears from a female super-cop saying “My hands are tied…Bring me evidence I will arrest the culprit.” This means that while police must collect evidence, journalists should also inform and alarm society through their responsible reportage. It doesn’t work to simply put all blame on journos since freedom of press is curtailed and they do not wear uniforms.

Bhumi Pednekar has emerged as one of the most bankable actors who always play strong women characters. The marathi girl from mumbai has that north indian accent spot on and it is her gutsy persona more than anything else that fights patriarchy in the film.The role played by Sanjay Mishra feels wasted and CID fame Aditya Srivasta is not convincing enough as an evil antagonist.Sai Tamhankar makes a cameo with no nuanced writing for her character.

The battle for justice in Bhakshak seems laborious and facile. You sympathize with the plight of these girls but there’s not much in the movie to fire up that conviction within you.

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