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Gym manager Lou falls in love with Jackie, a woman bodybuilder who dreams about competing in Las Vegas for her career. However, as their relationship starts blooming, Lou’s brother-in-law is murdered.

Review: This 1989 thriller shockingly exposes sex and violence between its principal characters without taming it. Highlighted by credible performances, a gratuitous but yet noir narrative full of twists and turns keeps the audience wanting more. While the approach appears novel, the storyline may not offer any surprises. ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ tells of two lesbians who are passionate about each other but have gotten themselves mixed up with a violent criminal family and thus center around themes of violence and the human body using this to build its own unique fantastical world.

The picture follows Lou (Kristen Stewart), an introverted gym manager whose life turns upside down after meeting Jackie (Katy O’Brian) a focused bodybuilder aspiring to perform well in a competition in Las Vegas so as to further her career objectives. At the same time, Beth (Jena Malone), Lou’s sister is entangled in an awful marriage with JJ (Dave Franco), a womanizer of Lou Sr., who is also one of his employees. Inflamed by steroids, Beth confronts JJ after he abuses her leading to fatal consequences. The two women must first get rid of the evidence leading them to dispose JJ’s body in a nearby ravine from where they cannot escape anymore.

After making waves with the revolutionary horror film ‘Saint Maud’, Rose Glass once again shows off her flair for crime thrillers with this movie. While not everyone will like its visceral plot, the gritty setting, and believable characters might be enough for some viewers to suspend disbelief within its walls. Similar in vibe to movies such as “Thelma & Louise” or “Drive,” this film has us hanging onto every scene because we never know what will happen next.

It is the performances that make this film stand out. Kristen Stewart flawlessly embodies a troubled outsider who has an inner strength beneath her wild exterior. She manages to portray both confidence and vulnerability exceptionally well. Katy O’Brian brings Jackie to life, matching her partner’s character with her erratic behavior. Thus, their unstable erotic love story serves as a powerful center for the film. There is no doubt that ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ is spellbinding, although not everyone may appreciate its explicitness. The tension in the movie builds up slowly, like water droplets gradually leaking from a closed faulty tap until the climax keeps us on tenterhooks throughout. It takes hold of its audience from beginning to end without ever letting them go.

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