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The second season conflict of As the Crow flies was continued in season 3, with things becoming even more complex both professionally and personally for everybody concerned. On her part Lale had developed her own online channel through which she connected to people while Asli enjoyed the reality show she is doing with Gul. Yusuf on the other hand rose to fame where he became a host of The Other Side. In addition, he dated Guliz at some point in time during the series although later on his regretted this action. Therefore let’s see where these characters end up and whether they are able to bury their hatchets.

How Did Gul, Muge, And Lale Start Working Together? 

At the beginning of As the Crow Flies season 3, Kenan moved in with Lale as she began her own online channel that intrigued her senses. Gul teamed up with Asli as they started working on a reality show together and lived separately. Suddenly giant conglomerate announced their coming into Turkey via RedW station. Within its ranks it sought recruits from among seasoned campaigners thus both Gul and Lale were approached by RedW management team. She did not like it because working for one’s own channel meant freedom; avoiding sponsors’ demands, telling truth before one’s people freely and whatever else can be done according to one’s wishes without any restrictions whatsoever; however, Kenan persuaded her to meet them anyway.

She went there and accepted their offer on condition that they allow her maintain an open line of communication through which she could keep up her private TV station but that was agreed upon much later. So now what about COO? Well, who is CEO?, asked Gul about this position because she wanted to be there instead. According to the company it was supposed to seem like its CEO came from another continent or country but it wasn’t so at all actually because this lady right here is just a Turk like me or you are… These were the hardest words that Lale Kenan and Gul have ever heard, when they realized that Muge had been appointed as the CEO of RedW network. Muge was very vindictive and she had already made up her mind to make Lale’s life a living hell. At its expense, she knew all of them are indispensable for the company to work thus it must be a network effort. Although Muge has become CEO, she didn’t want either Lale or Kenan to back out of their responsibilities. Consequently, despite many conflicts, Gul did her best to make things easier so that they could still work together.

What Impact Did Lale’s Leaked Video Have On Her Life?

It was spread online by a girl named Ruhiye Demir that she had a video of Lale, the famous news anchor and her colleague Emre. It went viral on social media to the extent that even media houses had to cover it. However, Emre’s reputation has never been good but he just overdid it on this day by passing out in front of female escorts in his hotel room. This made the female escorts suspicious and they called the first that was showing up on his call log. Fortunately, Lale answered the phone and went to pick him up from the hotel quickly. He was later treated properly; however, there arose a problem when the press noticed Lale leaving the hotel. During her show, Lale addressed these rumors but did so with such romanticized tone that things blew out of proportion for her. She told them not to expect her defend or explain anything about it as she thought it wasn’t really bad, assuming something like that happened at all. Since she was an adult who wasn’t married to anyone else, she thinks people shouldn’t have felt entitled to interrogate or simply question her personality traits for this reason only. However, when she said she would not give any explanation about what happened audiences assumed that she had indeed done something wrong. Society condemned her as a promiscuous woman and then Lale decided to leave Turkey forever and settle in Nice with their daughters and Selim where they would be safe. The decision hit Kenan like a ton of bricks which marked their relationship’s turning point.

What Happened Between Asli And Yusuf? 

Yusuf said Asli’s name for his program because he believed having two hosts will raise his ratings.Guliz didn’t know initially during season two of The Crow Flies Tv show that Yusuf used to date Asli back then.One more time Yusuf fell in love with Asli after seeing her.Yusuf fought hard against his emotions for sometime until one day he succumbed to his instincts. They made love to each other, and over time Guliz started feeling like her boyfriend was seeing someone else. Yusuf tried to hide it from Guliz but at some point it became too much for him. He just couldn’t tell the truth to Guliz because of the kind of person she was, and that fact was eating him up from within. Yusuf got fired by Guliz, and he thought it was probably a good thing because he wasn’t capable of handling such a job in his current state of mind.

At the end of As the Crow Flies, Guliz made a proposal to Asli: she informed her that if Asli could find out whom her boyfriend was cheating on with, then she would extend her contract by another three years. However, Asli was confused and did not know how to react. On one occasion, Asli got drunk and went to Yusuf’s house; that same night, Yusuf said he loved Asli so much that apart from her he never had any feelings for anyone else like that in his entire life. Then they started hanging out together thinking naïvely that Guliz would never get wind of it. One day, Asli wore back to office with hair banded with a similar string as tied round a box containing wristwatch given by Guliz to Yusuf. She realized it must be Asli who has been conniving behind her back with her boyfriend Yusuf. Pursuing an Ashi’s vehicle during which she nearly knocked it down, Guliz shouted at her telling about how much Yusuf loved him and why she should move away from their path.Asli screeched off and ran into Guliz fainting just on the road; when she woke up after some time; rest of the days were spent pursuing revenge against Yusuf and Asla for their misdeeds.Guliz sat down with all his legal advisers who jointly came up with schemes which could ruin both of them.It became so hard for Lale such that she ended up selling everything before relocating back to home-town where Gina knew very well Galize will never allow being part of this industry anymore. In spite of this fact Yusuf didn’t apologize but he too had no option other than continuing with a poorly paying job.

Will Lale And Aslah Resurrect? 

In Muge’s mind while reading ‘As The Crow Flies’ was landing herself in what seemed like a lifetime employment opportunity and she was given the chance of hosting the show which was at that time being hosted by Lale. She, on the other hand, hated her new job with a passion and it got so bad for her that she ultimately decided to resign. Muge started losing hair due to an infection or illness; this affected her confidence levels negatively and interfered with her mental status so much everyone became aware of it.I guess her life would have improved because she had forgiven herself and all the negativity in her mind has disappeared. Asli went back to their hometown where she stayed with their family because there wasn’t really any option left for them. However, one thing is clear about Asli’s nature: such a life would not be tolerable and one day everything else would have failed, I am sure.Yet luckily when Lale showed up at her home telling that they should not give up yet as both of them were not done.

If there is another season of As the Crow Flies, I am positive that Lale will find a way to outwit these repressive moguls and complete her long-awaited real journalism. Lale was an integrity-packed woman as she knew the duty of a journalist. She wanted not only to be honest with how she dealt with journalism but also to educate those who were standing on thin ice about being journalists in actual sense and what it required from them. Yusuf would probably return to join forces with the ladies in power and finally even out the field while resolving all grudges for good in my opinion.

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