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The film “Cherry” follows a twenty-five-year-old millennial who spends 24 hours of idling before deciding if she should get an abortion for her unplanned pregnancy. It is incredible that during the last year’s Tribeca Film Festival (in which it won the Audience Award), Cherry premiered at practically the same time as leaked sources confirmed that Roe v. Wade was about to be overturned by the Supreme Court. Remarkable timing almost cosmic, has made sure that Cherry stands out in history.

Furthermore, this movie is just a pleasure and infinitely fascinating. It occurs on a hazy summer day in Los Angeles and follows its central character around as she loses a job, realizes she is pregnant, talks about abortion and meets with various members of her family and friends to decide what to do next. Alexandria Trewhitt does not only give a perfect performance but also seems like the perfect embodiment of a generation struggling with growing up after half a century of having an unalienable right to terminate pregnancies.

Firstly, Cherry is essentially a study of character; it never becomes didactic or politically provocative rather illustrates this specific situation while drawing universal conclusion from it. While Cherry is sweet and quirky person type of woman she isn’t quite responsible yet matured one would say so. To any observer, she looks like junky because society labels her so: frequently unemployed/unemployable impregnated by dork who works as DJ in skating rink emotionally detached from family members and farther than friends, cherry floats through life in this kind of society structure.

Since her cherry-red VW Beetle was usually out of order she roller-skates most places, although it provided pretty good shelter whenever needed . She does magic tricks handing out balloons & stickers at Party City-type costume shop where however her boss gets tired by her antics . With small heart sticker on cheek Cherry sits in toilet finding out that such day also happened to be last working day for her. She’s broke, her boyfriend is a bum, and she doesn’t know what to do. She is in the eleventh week of pregnancy, which means she legally has 24 hours to have an abortion.

Comically, Cherry follows his protagonist who comes late to the abortion clinic after telling lies at the entrance. Damien Steck’s fantastic and dream-like camera work that often goes together with Clémentine Charuel’s misty score results to beautiful tracking shots that glide through streets of Los Angeles alongside Cherry. Hence, yet it takes its time just like this; following Cherry in her visits with her boyfriend, family members former friends/co-workers (and perhaps sweetest scene ever-her father). The aesthetic feels as aimless as Cherry herself and does so effectively

Key among them is Trewhitt’s performance and Galibert’s direction as the filmmaker. In this respect Trewhitt looks stunningly graceful here, while traveling around town but other than that completely awkward and clumsy in a metaphysical sense . She does not know what to do from one minute to another or anything like that although movie is hardly frantic nor hectic by any means Instead it possesses adorable charm that its main character has though dealing with weighty issues/choices.

Galibert and the cinematographer make a great team here. Cherry might seem like an easy-going character in some Richard Linklater films but there is a structure behind everything that fills out all the nitty-gritty of Cherry’s life. Many small things make up a whole picture of who she is and what her generation stand for; she does not know how to feel about it.

It could be argued that this movie, even though it is about abortion, can be appreciated by people on either side of the abortion debate. Nothing rages or gets political, simply just warmth from one person. The movie presents Cherry as a good person struggling to find her way in life; should such a child have another child? That is left open to every individual viewer; no! It only depends on Cherry herself.

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