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In his latest action thriller with Jason Statham, Guy Ritchie fails miserably. Hence, Wrath of Man tries to build a standard revenge story around a mysterious conspirator. Told in four chapters taking place on different time scales, it is just a stodgy heap of ill-defined characters directed awkwardly. Violent confrontations abound but are separated by large spaces. For me Wrath of Man failed to hold my interest between the destructions.

Wrath of Man takes place after an armored truck robbery has occurred. The crime goes wrong and innocent individuals die as a result of it. Some months afterwards, Patrick Hill (Jason Statham), an enigmatic loner with rough edges applies for a job at Fortico, which is a security and transport firm. He barely passes the qualifications and gets employed as a driver. His friends (Holt McCallany, Josh Hartnett, and Niamh Algar) don’t think he’s anything special. They refer to him as “H”. All workers have fancy nicknames.

“H’s” attitude towards ‘’H’’ changes completely following another attack by hijackers that turns sour for them as he ruthlessly neutralizes all of them single-handedly. They cannot comprehend how talented he is at destroying people like that alone within seconds without getting injured or even hit! This suspicion leads them to believe that the man who applied through classified ads may not be what he seems – this individual also attracts attention from an FBI agent (Andy Garcia) investigating the same matter reported earlier involving attempts to rob armored money trucks belonging to Fortico Transport and Security Inc., including the one in which “H” applied while having other hidden motives up his sleeves; so that was why he joined Fortico.

The hodge podge of subplots involving vague supporting characters are staged here in Wrath of Man movie . Several are introduced later on in the film . Hey Guy Ritchie wants to create some suspense here. So who is “H”? What exactly does he want to find out about Fortico? The puzzle might have worked if the narrative weren’t so convoluted. Jason Statham all but disappears from the film. This is because other characters are looked at instead of him as he becomes a lesser figure in this story while Andy Garcia suffers that same fate; he is introduced and then we do not see him again until the movie ends. Going back and forth becomes boring. That’s pretty damning for any movie, let alone Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham.

Wrath of Man was adapted from a 2004 French film called Le Convoyeur which means “Cash Truck” when translated into English; how does it compare to its source material? I’m sure that the people must have had more dialogue or character backgrounds than that in this adaptation . It has an unvarying cast of actors. Jason Statham’s sarcastic sense of humor together with his sharp timing makes him appear like an angry automaton throughout the entire film. However, though capable of evil deeds, they are not really terrible enough, justifiable given his reasons for being upset, but not persuasive enough to make viewers feel strongly about it as well as being a bloody finale with no excitement whatsoever (Clarke et al., 2021). Also what kind of company constantly gets robbed while transporting money using Fortico.? They missed a common sense factor.

Guy Ritchie fails completely in his latest action thriller involving Jason Statham: Wrath of Man misfires. From my point of view, there is nothing left worth mentioning here so that even for those great moments of action Wrath Of Man may be skipped entirely . In every respect, an unsatisfactory project .

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