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‘WOMB: Women Of My Billion’ chronicles Srishti Bakshi’s expedition across India by foot, aiming to understand and challenge gender definitions, sexual assault, domestic violence and eventually bring about transformation.

In one of the most powerful moments of this 100 minute documentary, which she is also conducting workshops for as she walks across the country; Srishti Bakshi asks a group of women to close their eyes and imagine their 11-year-old self and have a conversation. As the camera zooms in on their faces we see women from different ages silently weeping. It’s an incredibly moving yet unifying moment that highlights the need for solidarity and building a community for change. Directed by Ajitesh Sharma, ‘WOMB: Women Of My Billion’ has been produced by Apoorva Bakshi (Delhi Crime) and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

In 2016 there was a shocking story of sexual assault and rape of a mother and daughter on a highway off Delhi. This incident along with other horrific stories around gender violence coming out of India made Srishti Bakshi quit her job in Hong Kong where she was working at that time, to come back seek answers on women safety and challenge deep rooted patriarchy prevalent across the length and breadth of the country. And she did it by walking for 230 days covering 3800 kms from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. On her journey she meets people from villages to cities mainly women and young girls questioning them about social conditioning’s impact on their minds. Interwoven with her walk are three other women’s stories – Neha Rai who speaks about living through marital rape; Pragya Singh who talks about being subjected to acid attack; Sangeeta Tiwari who recounts her years surviving domestic violence inflicted upon her by husband after husband – not easy stories for them but they still share it, choking up with tears many times as they speak.

But even during Sristhi’s walk when she is physically tired there are moments where she finds herself emotionally drained because of some heart wrenching tales that come her way. Like for example the lady who loses the youngest among four daughters born to her, to a brutal rape and murder. In lamentation over societal pressure bearing down on women to have male children only does she say that it’s unfortunate she never got a son. According to what Srishti gathers from families in poorer backgrounds along this journey; dowry payment being demanded is what makes them desire for boys more than girls. Yet still within same film we hear Neha (coming from different social strata) talk about how much money was asked as dowry from her family – “it happens” they keep telling their daughters but this deprives them of safety nets too. And in another workshop session where dreams are sowed with prejudices in girls’ minds, tea-making skills being imparted ahead education, financial independence plus digital literacy.

Although violence against women and social injustice have long been recognized, talked about, and acted against in society, it is always amazing to see Srishti being a part of the change she wants to see happen around her as well as Sangeeta’s, Neha’s and Pragya’s transformation for good. The documentary should have covered how did she gear up for this trip or what were some of the workshops attended by her; or more generally speaking. In 2024 when we are surrounded by countless cases of sexual abuse & violence; watching a 2021 movie reminds us that societal transformation is an ongoing process which demands continuance. “WOMB: Women Of My Billion” is an evocative journey through gender violence and inequality that provokes conversations.

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