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Patna Shuklla is a drama film about a roll number scandal in a university that ruins the life of a poor girl who wants only one thing, the truth. She meets Tanvi Shukla, an advocate who practices at a lower court to seek justice but what seems to be just a case for rechecking turn out to be something more sinister and dangerous which forces Tanvi into the depth of corrupt practices that not only threatens her life but also those of her loved ones.

At first glance it seems like another light hearted comedy with funny characters and slightly deeper storylines that may make you question certain things. The background score does not let us doubt these comic moments either, or when Satish Kaushik’s judge saab becomes comical relief every time he appears on screen. Then suddenly, things take sharp turn little bit later and as expected get serious real fast.

This is Raveena Tandon’s latest film and she has chosen an interesting subject matter – revealing how much damage such scams can do among hardworking students who have no defense against rich people with power attempting take advantage of them. It is coming from good place indeed; fiery lawyer played by Tandon is combination sweet and scary at same time too. Her husband plus their son provide some restful scenes where viewers can catch breaths while seeing other sides to this complex woman’s personality.

Tanvi is someone we could get behind but she does not escape faults herself – being fearless yet realistic which makes for relatable leading lady overall really. On other hand manav vij as her husband has played role caring partner in his sleep though nearly became quintessential terrible spouse first before cleaning act up supporting through thick thin thereafter. What they share together represents nice kind love between two adults all grown up indeed.

Having said that plot line is quite straightforward without too many twists thrown into mix along way so far so good should points however there are none here unfortunately. It goes as expected, makes us wish well on Rinki Kumari’s crusade and emphasizes that young people will never stop until truth prevails. But even for movie this is not realistic because if ever such thing had happened what both rinki tanvi would’ve met themselves within less dangerous territory than they find themselves involved with now. The situation portrayed here is very idealistic superficial doesn’t touch deeper reality henceforth brushing over various details which render case like impossible at least stage we see it.

Towards end of its runtime though Patna Shuklla takes sudden turn and gives twist which can only be described as ridiculously stupid also so convenient too. Moreover, it throws the weight of events towards Tanvi’s favour in a manner that seems far from real life adding feelings plus drama where none was needed most indeed. We like justice being blind and dry-eyed; this teary eyed cliche adds nothing besides making whole thing more melodramatic unnecessarily .

Sometimes though, viewers might like a simple story with a happy ending; the simplicity doesn’t matter. And for those of us who need a break from gritty crime dramas that are nothing but bloodshed, this is great to watch with the family. Safe. Simple. Forgettable. That’s what I thought as I watched it.

This movie is definitely warm and funny at times – maybe because it’s so simple? It certainly succeeds in not being gory or violent, which has become synonymous with shows like these.


The film takes its name from what people start calling Tanvi when she stands up against the rich. And famous asking them to give justice to a young woman who had big dreams. It could be said that idealistic world building was its winning strategy; trying too hard to bring something important into light. While still remaining forgettable itself if only infused with humor every now and then.

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