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The Inventor is a brilliant piece of art work, a stop-motion and 2D animated film about Leonardo da Vinci’s last years. This renowned artist involved himself in controversial heresy. According to Leonardo, the path to enlightenment is through reason and application of scientific practicality. It was highly dangerous for him as he sought after illicit knowledge like dissection on corpses and other anatomical studies, which his Catholic church did not allow and could have led to his execution In The Inventor, Leonardo heads towards King Francis I’s court of France but realizes that kingly pride combined with arrogance are still the main factors against his research.

Through his new telescope pointed at the night sky in Rome during 1516, he (Stephen Fry) wonders.. He then shows his loyal assistant, Francesco Melzi (Angelino Sandri) the most amazing views of the moon’s surface. Who knows whether indeed there can ever be a man in the moon? It is likely that Galileo was right concerning other earth-like planets orbiting around stars. To speak out loud might be dangerous warned Francisco. Spies were everywhere sent by Pope Leo X (Matt Berry). Thereupon, master along with apprentice abandoned their place atop; they moved secretly to perform autopsies-whereby they would find out from where men got their souls.

Pope Leo learns of this astronomical experiment by means of sneering shadows who serve as spies for him. He has plans to make Leonardo create military weapons so as to prevent king Francis (Gauthier Battoue) from occupying more cities within Italy. Eventually he showed His Holiness that any weapon technology would ultimately be copied by enemies leading to defeat hence it couldn’t offer any substantial advantage over them; thus Pope Leo must take urgent decision aimed at establishing lasting peace between Rome and Paris.
Leo argues instead that offering peace terms so King Francis’ life will be spared would establish friendship with France.

And he does. Leonardo presents King Francis with a robot lion. The awed king tells him that should Italy ever become uncomfortable, he was always welcome in his court. In fact it turned out to be true when the patron of Leonardo died, Aragon’s Cardinal (Jim Capobianco). Therefore, Pope Leo had no restrictions concerning what he did with his life. At last, Leonardo agrees to go to France and stay in Château d’Amboise on Loire River as the guest of King Francis.

Leonardo quickly realizes that king Francis is only interested in competing with other European Kings over vanity reasons. He has invited England’s King Henry the VIII (Daniel Swan) and Spain’s Charles V (Max Baumgarten) for a great feast held in his honor. It is an interruption for Leonardo since he wanted to search for a soul but this girl could prove valuable; she happened to be Marguerite of Navarre (Daisy Ridley), a very beautiful and clever sister of the king.

It is an amazing film indeed. Jim Capobianco, who is also one of the film’s writers and co-directors, has used different kinds of animation throughout The Inventor leading to mind-boggling visual brilliance. Although most work here is made through stop-motion camera or through cartoons which look like fine art drawings outlining thoughts by Leonardos imagination.However some characters have been portrayed at large size because they are given much authority than others.Pope Leo stands out among other small cardinals around.It seems like these little dolls obey anything he dictates through their mouthpiece.He even went further by introducing musical scenes where anyone could break into songs which fortunately never lasted long as they were done during special moments within the story line only.

In the Inventor Capobianco takes on religious oppression and classism directly. Capobianco dirties the church and feudalism with his brush. The institutions are shown to be superlatively selfish. These they clasp power over through fear of death. People were burned alive for holding dissenting beliefs literally. Leonardo understands well the potential implications of his actions. Scenes where characters steal dead bodies from gravediggers lend a macabre undercurrent that feels all too real. Marguerite, who uncovers Leonardo’s secret, asks where they get the bodies from? His honest words are that it is the poor people’s corpses which litter the streets everywhere you go. They have no trouble finding unwilling partners.

Capobianco does an excellent job of establishing the characters’ position in society . Marguerite believes nobility exists to elevate ordinary people’s lives. One day he dreams of creating a city which would combine humanity and nature together in harmony says Leonardo. Marguerite defies her brother and powerful mother (played by Marion Cotillard) Louise de Savoie in order to help Leonardo build his city. This is against King Francis’ desire who just needs a huge statue of himself plus some cool gadgets as well as Marguerite being a dumb ass for brains about anything else rather than sewing clothes or knitting socks like other women did at that time across Europe during those days when science was New York Times bestseller these days so it would not make sense for me write any further on this topic right now should I ok bye now folks see next month probably not even though am talking here will be revealed soon etc sorry mom can’t talk anymore must run back my kids won’t believe it until they see themselves!

This is where The Inventor loses steam in its third act; after that Capobianco has nothing new to offer us anymore; but then how wonderful isn’t this; it’s a beatific climax that is not well explained in the script but this by no means implies the script was at fault; Capobianco does not want to swerve too far from history; Leonardo had already attained greatness and was just coasting along by the end of his life; What he inspired for all time was an enormous contribution to art, science, benevolence of humanity.

The Inventor is a joint production of Curiosity Studio, Foliascope and Leo & King. It will be theatrically released on 15th September by Blue Fox Entertainment.

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