The Hijacking of Flight 601

The Hijacking of Flight 601
The Hijacking of Flight 601
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It is a fact that anyone who has ever traveled by air has had thoughts of things going wrong before, and so the Netflix series The Hijacking of Flight 601 thrives on this dread. Six episodes of the Netflix show tell the true story of the lengthiest aerial hijacking in Latin America but falsifying some aspects to add drama.

The Hijacking of Flight 601 is based on events that took place on May 30th, 1973, which led to what was the longest hijack in Latin American history.

Interestingly though, two Paraguayan footballers disguised themselves as South American terrorist guerrillas and held Columbian Airline SAM Columbia HK-1274 for more than five days demanding ransom from its crew and eighty-two passengers while making political overtures for fifty political prisoners sentenced in El Socorro, Colombia.

The gunmen threatened to blow up everyone aboard unless their demands were met. In addition to this they demanded a cash ransom of two hundred thousand dollars.

At different times during its trip, the aircraft would be flown away from its destination to places like Central America, Aruba, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador; some people were allowed into these countries never returning back home.

The plane finally settles at Buenos Aires without any passengers left behind it – although by then there are no longer two abductors on board. At some point later however it was discovered that these men were not driven by any real political motive explaining why they did not seem eager to kill anybody.

It was recorded as one of the longest airline hijackings ever committed.

The Netflix series is an adaptation about real-life incidents but it has been reimagined into a modern day thriller for today’s viewership.

However, facts such as those concerning two armed kidnappers with motives become a starting point for developing plotlines because when everything becomes tense and horrifying that you can hardly see through the eyes if flight captain and two stewardesses necessary resources in order to rescue lives of people and continue dealings with authorities on the ground.

The series takes its cue from actual occurrences, with characters being introduced into it; this is heavily dramatized though much of it is true.

Directed by CS Prince and Pablo González, The Hijacking of Flight 601. If these names ring a bell, it is probably because they were associated with another real-life crime story that was made into a show called The Great Heist. This other series examined the robbery of Colombia’s central bank in October 1994 where thieves managed to steal $33 million.

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