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The sports drama film “Playing Through” tells the true life story of Ann Gregory, a pioneer in the sport and civil rights activist who was the first African-American woman to play in a United States Golf Association Tournament. 

In this movie Andia Winslow portrays Ann Gregory while Julia Rae plays her opponent Babs Whatling. These two give such believable performances that you would never guess they have never acted before; Winslow is actually a professional golfer and Rae is a singer/songwriter. Andia Winslow brings an immense presence with her strong, dignified acting style which shows us what a powerful person Ann really was but my favorite part about this performance came from actor Ronnie Blevins who portrayed conniving weasel Bucky Calhoun – his character just wanted to make sure Babs wins at any cost.

Directed by Balbinka Korzeniowska (a Polish-American director) and written for the screen by Curtis Jordan, “Playing Through” features stunning cinematography done by Paul Cannon.

“Playing Through” focuses mainly on an USGA Women’s Amateur match between two golfers: privileged Southern white girl Babs Whatling vs underprivileged black woman Ann Gregory.

Born July 25, 1912 in Mississippi; orphaned at age four after car accident killed both parents; married at twenty-six years old and began playing golf when she turned thirty-one years old; forty-four year’s young during USGA tournament run…Ann Gregory (Andia Winslow) stars as herself!

The film does well with creating time period feel thanks to its director Balbinka Korzeniowska who also shoots some very impressive looking golf sequences where you can see just how athletic these actors are being throughout each scene but mostly what makes it so great is that all of this happens within such short time frame so there’s always something happening next making it very tense & exciting especially because there isn’t much dialogue between the characters other than when they’re playing against one another. This is a must see movie for anyone who loves sports movies or just likes good films in general.

This is a sports story about people’s innate need to succeed and express themselves. More specifically, it is the story of two ambitious and competitive girls who are struggling to become their authentic selves in the face of societal expectations. These women come from contrasting backgrounds that would never allow them to be friends but during this game they come to respect each other, empathize with each other and as a result support each other.

Ann and Babs represent the desire for full equality and authenticity. In order to chase after their dreams, both characters were ready to risk everything they had achieved so far as well as conforming with society’s norms of living life on the sidelines while watching others play theirs out instead – an act which neither was willing to perform regardless how much pressure might have been exerted upon them by different quarters such like family members or friends among others who may not understand why someone should choose differently than what is expected from every individual born within certain years which fall between 1950s through early part of twenty first century when breaking chains became more difficult due mainly because people became afraid once again lest history repeats itself too soon thereafter hence creating another set back just like previous ones experienced previously during similar periods characterized mostly by fear mongering among politicians seeking reelection at all costs even if it meant sacrificing truth along wayward path leading nowhere fast except maybe into oblivion where nothing matters anymore anyway except survival instinct which could also be endangered here given current circumstances surrounding us all right now!

The two leads in this film are Andia Winslow (Ann) and Julia Rae (Babs). Neither woman had acted before; however, there was something about these characters that spoke deeply into their souls – or rather hearts would be more fitting since both ladies knew what it felt like when one’s spirit cries out for freedom despite being confined within societal boundaries deemed appropriate at any given time throughout history up until present moment even though sometimes those limits proved too narrow especially during such periods like 2022 when conformity became exceedingly difficult if not outright impossible due mainly because people started becoming paranoid once again unless history repeats itself more rapidly than before thereby causing another setback similar to what had happened earlier on during same era marked by widespread panic among politicians seeking reelection by hook or crook even at cost truth sacrificed along misguided way leading nowhere but maybe oblivion where nothing counts anymore anyway except for survival instinct also threatened now based around current events enveloping us all at this very hour!

Andia Winslow (Ann), a former collegiate golfer from Yale and award-winning voice actor, was cast as one of the leads. Julia Rae (Babs) had never acted before but brought her experience as both a talented golfer in youth and successful singer/songwriter with television credits to bear.

The success of this film can be attributed to these two women who worked hard and gave great performances. They exceeded what was expected of them on screen under the direction of Balbinka Korzeniowska, who also helped shape the story through action and dialogue.

When Andia was chosen for the role, no one knew that she was friends with Ann Gregory’s family. Through her, we got to know Ann’s family which proved invaluable for historical accuracy as well as personal connection points within our team. We have shared many laughs over these past few months.

Ringling College of Art and Design partnered with The Westcoast Black Theatre of Sarasota to become the primary production partners on this project. Cast, crew and facilities were provided by each of these performing arts centers.

Balbinka Korzeniowska is a writer/director who has been in the entertainment industry for thirteen years. She has worked both behind the camera as well as in front and received her MFA in Directing from UCLA in 2016 where she was nominated for a Student Academy Award for her film “Awaken.” Currently she is in post-production on a documentary she shot entitled “The Intimacy of War” which follows Ukrainian refugees as they settle in Poland.

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