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How Did Nata Die?

At the start of Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3, Nelson was living with Tirso and a pregnant Irene. While in Entrevias, he met Maricarmen who had returned to set up her own business in the area. She left him and their kids because she couldn’t bear his obnoxiousness and stubbornness any longer. She decided to throw everything away but now wanted to create something good for this neighborhood by keeping young people busy through curricular activities that will lower down crime rates as well as corruption levels among them. Also known as Maica, Maricarmen employed Nelson to work for her project against Tirso’s will since at least she wanted to do some good for this place. Jimena who held grudges against her mother finally forgave her.

Meanwhile Ezekiel faked dementia after waking up from coma so that Nata’s gang can leave him alone thinking that he didn’t remember anything. Ezekiel secretly met with a woman called Dulce whom he had helped escape from the neighborhood before; unfortunately Dulce only wanted one thing which is getting rid of Nata out of power thus becoming its leader himself.This did not go well with Ezekiel but still there was no any other person she could look unto apart from him calling family.

What Happened To Mica’s Foundation?

Last season when Amanda killed Salgado, she received a murder sentence that landed her in prison. The Ministry of Interior appointed Antonio Romero to oversee Entrevias on behalf of Juan in response. But what many people don’t know is this inspector isn’t as honest as he looks – all Romero wants is to enter politics together with Juan and the Gypsy Village gang led by Uncle Rafael who had already met him before because they used to work together sometimes like when they staged an attack against Maica’s foundation so that nobody would save her except himself thereby making it seem like he saved everyone there including her from dying in fire caused by those attackers which was supposed to be his plan.

Then Ezekiel showed up before him and saved Maica from the fire so after Ezekiel took away all the credit which Romero expected through his plan, he reappointed him back into police officer position at precinct but why did he do this? Well maybe because Maica wanted to leave the country again since she felt close giving up when her family had been helping her a lot but never let go off their support or stopped lending them strength until she rebuilt foundation more than ever even though it meant renovating whole thing once again.

How Did Romero Get Arrested?

During this season of Wrong Side of the Tracks, Dulce and Ezekiel had a back and forth relationship as friends. Sometimes she would be against him but at the same time she wanted to protect him. Also, until now Ezekiel has been doing crime for many years; he doesn’t want anything to do with it anymore but Dulce’s ambition was through the roof after Nata died; she took over Nata’s gang and opened her own stash house of drugs in the neighborhood. Meanwhile Romero needed Uncle Rafael’s help to rise in power so he promised them all illegal weapons from the police warehouse. Additionally, since Nelson killed one of our guys back in season 2 Rafael has wanted him; Romero kidnapped Nelson for Rafael which he did successfully but Tirso didn’t know about this – still thought it was Ezekiel who did it and also that not only does Romero want those illegal weapons himself but he kidnapped Nelson too. When things don’t go right within their gang or even outside it—this time around must be no different! I suspect Ezekiel again because somebody stole my limelight… so I taught Ezekiel a lesson…I framed you for drug possession and sent Linares here (he is one of us) to arrest you!!! Then Linares got into a fight with Ezekiel where latter killed former… So now I’m investigating your hands in his death coz u still seem fishy…… Since we lack strong evidence against you, I’ll try again! Do whatever till forever bars up!

When Tirso found out about me, that’s when he decided to protect Ezekiel —but between me making deals with Dulce inorder 2arrest/kill Eze & dulce agreeing 2help catch him though never wanting him dead; i told eze about my meeting with police officer Romero who is also looking for dulce…And we followed her to where she met him having witness this act between them whiles taking pictures of it. But now there’s no one in law enforcement that can be trusted! Amanda is still in prison and it’s hard for her to make some decisions. So Tirso and Ezekiel decide to help Amanda get out of jail again!!! Since Ezekiel is once more inside the police department, he erases all evidence against Amanda which sets her free. Now that she is out of jail, she arrests Romero after receiving a picture from Ezekiel showing his involvement in weapon dealings.

But did Amanda and Jimena end up together?

After Nelson got kidnapped by us (Rafael’s gang), we let him go at first because he was young and told him to leave the neighborhood asap…but then Nelson stayed hidden in Entrevias; so when one of our guys saw him, they kidnapped him again then brought him here at the Gypsy Village where Maica, Jimena & Gladys came to apologize so that Rafael would spare their son but Rafael was going to kill him until Maica stepped forward talking about how she want Entrevias(this place) to be good for everybody within!!! Then impressed by those words, Rafael let Nelson go without any condition

Amanda is a different person now than she was before, but her previous job with Nata’s gang is hindering her progress towards change. Dulce won’t let go of Tente that easily though, so when he was leaving the city to start over in life and career; he was killed by Dulce’s men on the road. Tirso saw potential in him; Maica also saw potential in him but it didn’t last because the boy got what boys get if you know what I mean. The ultimate punishment; which he never deserved.

After getting out of jail, Amanda decided to get back together with Jimena and now they want to settle down together. But Jimena was more worried about Irene and Nelson getting married. Irene had given birth to Victor her son now her family wanted her to marry Nelson, but she had bigger dreams; she wanted to get back into dancing again. She got an opportunity to work as a dancer in Paris so she will have to leave Entrevias. Nelson didn’t want Irene to leave the neighborhood at first but later prioritized her dreams over his own comfort . Irene didn’t want to get married so soon she wanted first establish herself before starting a family, so approached Jimena her mother asking for Amanda’s hand in marriage instead . Finally, Amanda and Jimena tied knots but their peace was short-lived due an unfortunate event.

So What Happened To Amanda And Irene?

Romero didn’t spend long time behind bars; while still inside he managed killing Juan then he got released later. He knew Ezekiel behind his arrest so he vowed taking revenge against Ezekiel through killing him too. Ezekiel went attended Amanda and Jimena ‘s wedding where Romero came pointed gun at him.Tirso tried stopping an already mad Romero then shot one bullet which hit Ezekiel. Amanda stood between them so that protect Ezekiel from being shot but got shot herself on chest. However,it’s not clear whether Amanda might survive or die on her wedding day.

All this time the events were happening in the wedding hall Irene had stepped out after receiving call from Paris. The dance training company called to inform her that she did not need going to Paris for her dreams as she can continue practicing Madrid where another branch of this company will be opening soon. Irene was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to break such news but Romero who failed killing Ezekiel held Irene with intention of taking revenge against Tirso.

In the last episode of season three of Wrong Side Of The Tracks, Tirso found Irene being held captive by Romero and felt very threatened. Romero told Tirso to drop his gun or he would kill the girl, so reluctantly, Tirso put his gun down and Romero let go of Irene. But Irene didn’t want to leave her grandfather, so when Romero tried shooting at Tirso, she shielded him and got shot in chest instead. While Irene was still unconscious in Tirso’s arms, Romero escaped. Not knowing if there was any hope left for her life tore him apart. I think next season we’ll find out if she survives or not.

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