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A wife grieving over the loss of her only child confronts a dangerous doppelganger while vacationing at a remote lake house. Parallel is a tense and disturbing sci-fi thriller that explores different pathways of alternate realities. It begins as a family confronting an emotional crisis, but takes a frightening turn into an unexpected labyrinth of consequences. Truths blur and facts wax indistinct as previously ineluctable events become slushy matters of choice. Subsequently, it becomes clear that the chance to mend a broken heart is nothing short of a devil’s pact while manipulating fate takes on an even deadlier gamble.

Vanessa (Danielle Deadwyler) tries to keep her composure but cannot hold back the crushing sadness that has consumed her life in the past year. Her frustrated husband Alex (Aldis Hodge) can take no more. All his dreams of finding solace through an isolated trip have been dashed to pieces. In order to console his beloved brother and sister-in-law, Martel (Edwin Hodge) does everything possible. Vanessa continues blaming herself for the tragedy she caused in which she lost her son.

The brothers try to make small talk at different meals, but Vanessa’s silence speaks volumes more than words could ever do so. She doesn’t want any part in idle conversation at all. At the same time, strange explosions resound through dense forests surrounding them. Martell’s father had told him those things ever since he too vanished mysteriously like some local residents who had also disappeared before him as he has noted down their grave occurrences; they may never be found again or their remains may remain somewhere without being discovered by anyone else for decades whilst still others might have decided not only preserving memory about such events within themselves alone as much as possible but also making sure there would be no future generation able remember anything concerning those incidents except few people who happened witness them firsthand within certain period after which they passed into oblivion. Martell believes that their father was just an insane old man talking nonsense. That man was never a sensible person. Leaving them while still young is all it really boiled down to; they should’ve listened.

The story starts with silent tragic loss and swiftly moves into palpable foreboding. There was something very strange about the spooky landscape. Vanessa’s pain makes her unable to perceive looming danger. In order to get the plot moving, Parallel takes some time, requiring patience as well as close attention of its viewers or audience members too. At this point, everything changes with Vanessa’s decision to go for deep woods hike alone (and what she almost did) when she meets another version of herself.

Vanessa is being tracked for a specific reason and her encounter with the violent double opens Pandora’s box up wide. However, how could Alex and Martel believe such stories when already think that she is mad? Their tales about their father suddenly acquire new significance for Alex and Martel . What was it that he found in the rest of the forest before he disappeared? Clues can be found at the scenes where she had been attacked so far but she has to go back there again because this one too looks puzzling out beyond measure; who did it then or why did he disappear without trace having decided not even leave any single marking behind unlike previous cases? The second trek is equally bewildering since missing markers.

Parallel adapted from Chinese film Parallel Forest by Lei Zheng has no levity whatsoever, every part of it is serious subject matter showing parallel lives as suffering in silence while always being afraid of each other on top of its constantly tense state throughout their whole existence leading finally toward explosive ending which might have seemed inevitable since first page where nothing happened yet at least except perhaps initial mention title itself followed immediately by description horrible circumstances surrounding death young boy age ten years old due most likely some kind accident or illness especially considering fact that main characters were also throughout entire story only those surrounding him at the time; this is why it can be said that nothing really takes place in opening scene besides introduction plot itself and even then, not much detail provided; thus readers might have guessed what will happen next if they were familiar with previous works like famous novels written by some bright authors such as William Faulkner who used similar technique his milestone novel known “The Sound Fury,” where more less same events repeated themselves over again while their meaning varied each time depending upon subsequent actions taken afterwards (Faulkner 1929).

Vanessa is a devastated wreck who becomes a tightly coiled spring. To solve a confusing problem she must control her inner turmoil. Vanessa knows she isn’t supposed to be here. She seems to be in another almost similar but different space for inexplicable reasons. This means there is yet another Vanessa too. But why would the doppelganger try to kill her? Vanessa’s disturbing answer makes her a fledgling mistress of fate.

Parallel does not have silly actions or special effects. Kourosh Ahari, the director of The Night, deals with the individual and human costs of such a strange occurrence. By making sure that he uses a spooky atmosphere to focus on an existential question, he tends to delve into this matter further. The solitary suffering of Vanessa makes her a memorable protagonist. Alex and Martel are well-meaning, but she rejects them as relics from her past who only strengthen her agony further. Vanessa’s journey away from hurtful memories takes a different direction as she moves deeper into the labyrinthine coils of madness. Nonetheless, Deadwyler is amazing in it portraying an intricate portrait of complex agonizing woman.

This film has engaging performances paired with a complex plot. Through various incarnations Deadwyler and Hodge brothers run through every emotion available to them. They always look similar whenever they meet each other but their conversations and slight changes in acting help keep viewers from being overly confused. However, Parallel is anything but sweet food for thought as it lacks certain facets of simple storytelling techniques which are common in mainstream movies. It’s important to pay keen attention while watching this movie lest you miss out on some details necessary for understanding it. This is dense sci-fi with lots of twists built around interesting character and performance by Deadwyler

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