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In ‘Goodbye Earth,’ the script is strong, but it could have used some more fine-tuning. There are moments where the dialogue feels forced or unnatural, which hinders its ability to connect with viewers on a deeper level. However, the story itself is compelling enough that these flaws can be overlooked.

The direction of the show is good overall. The pacing is well done and keeps the viewer engaged throughout each episode. However, there are times when certain scenes feel rushed or underdeveloped, leaving the audience wanting more. Additionally, some transitions between scenes could have been smoother to create a better flow between different storylines.

Technically, ‘Goodbye Earth’ is visually stunning. The cinematography captures the beauty and despair of the city perfectly, creating a stark contrast between hope and impending doom. The special effects are also well done and add to the overall atmosphere of the show.

‘Goodbye Earth’ is a unique K-Drama that tackles complex themes such as love, fear, and human nature in the face of imminent destruction. While it has its flaws with character development and scriptwriting, it still manages to captivate viewers with its engaging storyline and strong performances. If you’re looking for something different from your usual Korean dramas, this one might be worth checking out!

Stories about the end of the world usually focus on the disaster itself or its aftermath. But ‘Goodbye Earth’ is different — here, the only thing catastrophic is used as a background and an attempt to show human feelings and reactions in the face of imminent death. I love how much I can relate with these characters who know that they are going to die soon. The director Kim Jin-min allows them to go through every emotion possible which makes this series one hell of a rollercoaster ride! Never before have we seen so many people react differently when faced with the same situation.

But there’s something wrong with it…

The script just doesn’t feel right. Everything is done based on an apocalyptic theme so every episode tries to fit in as many things as possible within each hour. Jung Sung-joo’s writing feels disorganized because it keeps jumping back and forth between times without any warning which can get confusing sometimes especially if you’re not paying close attention.

There are bits taken out from everyday life where they act like everything is ending right now but at other points there are subplots involving religion, love, crime etcetera… Because of this somewhere around middle part some parts lose sight on main conflict which causes storylines showing cracks.

Nevertheless, it’s still amazing!

Visually speaking this show looks stunning! The whole thing was shot against such dark backgrounds but somehow all those colors managed to break through creating an image where chaos reigns supreme among them!!! Camerawork alone deserves awards for what they’ve achieved here: camera moves were smooth yet impactful; composition was breathtakingly beautiful while maintaining balance between light and darkness; textures popped out thanks to high quality grading applied throughout…

Also they really went all out when it came to destruction scenes — most powerful ones I’ve ever seen!!! You’ll be left speechless by scope shown during each one… Music choices were great too especially because they used silence wisely at some points making those moments even more intense than they already were!!!

It’s a good binge-watch but it could have been shorter.

To be honest, you’ll probably want to watch this in one sitting but there are certain things that could have been handled differently.

The show is 12 hours long — which honestly isn’t that bad considering its addictive qualities — but there are scenes that could have just been taken out entirely. At one point I remember thinking ‘can the asteroid just hurry up and hit earth already?’ That’s one drawback… Another thing was VFX sequences: they should’ve been more realistic looking given current technology levels…

Also music composition was nice but also repetitive (especially towards end) so at best I’d call it average.

The Verdict

‘Goodbye Earth’ becomes another end-of-the-world K-Drama trying to captivate its audience like every other drama does. It’s fast paced with great acting which makes it exciting throughout! But if you’re like me then technically this show will blow your mind away because trust me when I say that I’ve seen many similar K-Dramas before…

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