Story: Amid imminent bankruptcy, Enzo Ferrari, the Italian motor tycoon, opts to risk everything on the 1957 Mille Miglia race as a means of saving Ferrari.

Review: For those who have not yet watched “Ferrari,” this film may appear as though it is a biopic that presents the entirety of Enzo Ferrari’s life. In reality, however, it only takes an account of a short but crucial time in his existence. There are good performances and thrilling racing scenes among other things the movie can boast about but still this does not make it completely captivating. It struggles to find the right balance between Ferrari’s professional and personal tribulations hence sounding like a broken narrative. Although at times it shows glimpses of potential greatness, overall ‘‘Ferrari’’ falls slightly short of expectations giving audiences just enough information to want more about this legendary figure.

The film is set around 1957 when Enzo Ferrari (Adam Driver) was facing an imminent bankruptcy. Enzo took his chances on Mille Miglia automobile race as his last move to salvage his empire. Throughout, we see him attempting tirelessly to save his business and also complex relationships with Laura (Penelope Cruz), his ex-wife and Lina (Shailene Woodley), another woman he had an affair with. This highlights he had an unwavering determination to win in the same competition which ended up tragically when one of Alfonso de Portago (Gabriel Leone) refused to change tires causing fatal accident killing some people including children. The film explores Ferrari’s complicated private life examining two women in particular Laura from whom he separated and Linda whom he cheated on her with.

It could have been so much better than it was, and often feels slow-paced or even boring in places.’ ‘There is no expected drama or tension between Adam Driver and Shailene Woodley in their scenes.’ Michael Mann did not fully realize how talented these actors are, and couldn’t take advantage of what they could bring to his movie. Unfortunately, The director Michael Mann doesn’t offer the same kind of adrenaline-fuelled moments that he has become famous for in films such as ‘The Insider’, ‘Heat’ or ‘Collateral’. However, there is a great on screen chemistry between Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz which helps save the film.

While it might be lacking in several aspects this bio-drama excels in terms of performance. Adam Driver as a person who is both ambitious and troubled shows honesty as well as passion. He brings out the egoistic and arrogant man exceptionally well. Laura played by Penelope Cruz gives one of her career-best performances as Ferrari’s estranged wife. In her portrayal, she showcases bitterness from the true heart of a woman who has lost her child while seeing another woman’s son inherit her husband’s legacy. Her performance is quite emotional and allows viewers to feel her pain. Conversely, Lina in the movie acted by Shailene Woodley appears flat with no development at all since it seems like character depth was not invested much into her role hence making a superficial depiction that cannot compete effectively with Driver and Cruz’s excellent acting either way.

‘Ferrari’ has breathtaking visuals, and the racing car scenes were excellently organized in a way that gives the movie an authentic look. It’s apparent that this took much effort to execute on screen. Nevertheless, ‘Ferrari’ lacks its own identity – it is not sure whether it wants to be a family drama, or an entrepreneur struggling for his business life, or just a depiction of a racing car. This confusion makes ‘Ferrari’ less successful than it could have been. Although promising, the film never fully lives up to its aspirations.

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