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The nice thing about Michael Farris Smith is the author of a few best-selling books, including The Hand of Strangers and The Fighter up to Desperation Road. Another one, an action thriller that is emotionally rewarding called Desperation Road for which Smith is also the screenwriter will be in theaters and on demand this month. Revenge, redemption, and justice are three themes that come to mind when describing the film as a whole.

The cast of Desperation Road includes Garrett Hedlund (TRON: Legacy), Willa Fitzgerald (Scream: The TV Series), and Mel Gibson, an Academy Award winner for Braveheart. It unfolds in a small Mississippi town where everyone knows each other well enough to protect their families at all costs no matter how hard you try to keep them safe. Alternatively make it right by them. Ultimately, this movie is about two lost souls — Fitzgerald plays distraught Maben, a single mother running for her life; and Hedlund is Russell, a man who just got out of jail and must start over. In the way that destiny alone can arrange things with Maben’s return into Russell’s life there isn’t much doubt as to what happens next in the story because of annulment — they collide only sort of but even so this tale manages to survive its bloated run time with a surprisingly profound examination on misery done better than 15 minutes – it could have been trimmed off.

For an unknown reason during the picture’s half-way point I had stopped thinking clearly but thanks God that the film directed by Nadine Crocker Desperation Road was still able to bring me back. Be patient.Everything shifted though we realized that we were dealing with two different lost souls here. Maben trying desperately to create another life again is examined in act one.There’s no mention as such anywhere before meeting her little daughter Annalee (Pyper Braun) why Maben did whatever she did. Maben is just going up and down truck stops getting some cash.

On their way back to the motel where she and her daughter are staying, a sleazy cop shoves her from behind into the police car, driving her away in a dimly lit underpass. In order to let Maben go, he asks for “something small.” Although she doesn’t want to do it, she lets herself agree. After that’s it over with, all she can think of is how to get back to Annalee but Jamieson wants to make his friends join them as well. She had already demeaned herself more than enough. As new men approach the officer they have just attacked Maben defends herself when his blood starts oozing out and she bolts carrying the firearm which shot him.

However, Russell may be excited about getting out of jail but soon two large guys pounce on him asserting that there hasn’t been justice yet.Really interesting background story here; Worth watching this film specifically because of its treatment of it.I believe that Michael Farris Smith wrote the book and screenplay because I sense that both were made by one person trying not lose interest in any part of this story otherwise he would end up being trivial. This leads Russell Mitchell’s house who happens to be Mel Gibson.Russell however tries hard not to show his happiness at seeing his father since he knows too much has happened in his life lately with Consuela (Paulina Gálvez).That is why Ryan Hurst nails it — those two thugs who beat up Russell before don’t seem quite done with him yet.

The plot of the film is centered on a couple fighting to keep their freedom. The policeman was killed and his gun taken away by someone. Maben must find a way out of town. Still, Russell’s past won’t leave him or even two men who want to take vengeance on him. In the end, Maben and Russell meet each other after many twists and turns, suspicions and time for trust building in which Maben seems convinced that she can trust Russell.

First it sounds like a good idea if Maben stays at Russel’s place. Father Mitchell wonders what has happened to his son but at least he knows that Maben is safe – for now. Mel Gibson may be starring in this movie but he hardly appears in it at all. Undoubtedly, Gibson’s name is very attractive and when we do see him, he imparts some down-to-earth wisdom into the role he plays.

Problems pile up. One-time friend of Russell (Woody McClain) who became a cop suspects that something is wrong with his old buddy but Russel manages not to let him know about anything yet. Not for long though. You might be surprised how drawn into these characters you have become as the film heads into its final act or why you care so much about them after all this time. While it may appear on the surface to be another action thriller template, Desperation Road is far from mundane.

Willa Fitzgerald gives an emotionally-charged performance as Maben which leaves one spell bound . Garrett Hedlund does quite well in his role that required him coming to terms with past actions and doing good things . Nadine Crocker also proves herself through Directorship as she manages story line and emotional response from her audience effectively . And despite clocking 112 minutes running time, Desperation Road remains on course just long enough for you to enjoy it fully

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