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Dangerous Waters, the latest movie from Brainstorm Media, is a compelling thriller that takes place on the vast open sea and produces an extraordinary new female character. This is a strain-filled survival thriller with dangerous seas, unfaithful characters and thumping music. The cast is excellent especially Odeya Rush (Goosebumps) as a strong female protagonist who beats up people in equal measure with Eric Dane (Euphoria) who plays a good role and Ray Liotta (Goodfellas) in small part.

Ray Liotta died during production so Dangerous Waters had to be quickly rewritten to amend some things. Consequently, this film is never really on one track and it’s mostly set at sea with two people; however, we get an action-packed last act that hits out from nowhere. We don’t mean that this finale isn’t well done and we are glad it’s there but this sudden shift into action film territory can be a bit off-putting.

If you are fan of thrillers or action movies or Ray Liotta or maybe boats then Dangerous Waters is one movie you must not miss out on.

At first glimpse into Rose as she now lives with her single mother Alma (Saffron Burrows), they were introduced to us as highly intelligent and confident girl whose dad was killed while serving in the military when Rose was still little. With Derek (Eric Dane); Alma’s partner of one month, Rose plans to sail through the Bermuda Triangle for several days only. What could possibly go wrong?

At first glance, everything seems normal enough – even pleasant. They all like each other well enough. Pirates board their boat though shooting Rose’s mom along with Derek who die off but Rose gets away alive by hiding somewhere safe. But when they start throwing Molotov cocktails at the ship, setting it alight, Rose must do anything to stop the boat from catching fire and sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Rose has put out the fire, and Rose is now on her own with two unconscious bodies in front of her. However, it’s not long before Derek wakes up and starts using his knowledge about boats to help Rose survive. But Rose soon discovers that Alma’s boyfriend isn’t what he claims to be, and she must figure out why he is here so that she stops him before it’s too late.

Rose is everything badass can be: confident, highly intelligent, skilled. This is because she loves action movies and leads a double life due to her military father who died during action (Rose) having acted as an inspiration of being a trained fighter as well as being good at gun fights. She can capably steer a boat, take down an attacker like it’s nothing and beat off towering sexual predator; that is something very few individuals could do. Rose would make an excellent female role model for other filmmakers to showcase again.

In the real world, characters have their limitations; therefore, this is where actors come into play to bring these characters to life. Besides doing a great job, Odeya Rush has done more than that. This is evident in her physicality during action and her handling of a gun which seems plausible. Furthermore, outside of action, Rush makes Rose a memorable and inspiring female character by injecting wit intelligence and will to live in her scripts among others. She has had a difficult life: from losing her father as well as being stuck at the bottom of the working class; she rises up to it when she is put on the spot.

The other cast members also give great performances besides Odeya Rush. Eric Dane may be second best after Odeya Rush playing Derek, an ex-cop who gets mixed with bad guys. It’s clear that Eric Dane borrowed heavily from his Euphoria character in building tension through his voice delivery and physical gestures.

Ray Liotta surprisingly appears as The Captain—some kind of mythic antagonist—in this film. He was just amazing in it hence one of the best scenes of 2019. Unfortunately, he only appears in one scene though. Although his character was meant to have a bigger part in the plot but after Liotta died during shooting they had to change everything about him and make him different according to its director BULLET POINTS:. Nonetheless, though like five minutes he appeared was too good for us not use even if we did cut off some parts at least we saw him for last time

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