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Apple understands how to satisfy consumer cravings, much like the iPhones we have come to covet and Airpods that curiously make us appear more hip. We want more. And we get it. Then there’s Apple TV+, which launched at the tail end of 2019, pre-pandemic. Reflecting on it now, it was a bit of an aperitif, wasn’t it? A curious elixir before the main meal, which we binged during those pandemic years. We are exploring the Constellation Series.

Streaming giant as it is today took four years in the making. Of course, things were not always so. Between shows such as Servant, Severance, and Shrinking, the streamer has been continuously pushing out great content and if you’ve paid attention to some of the best sci-fi outings since… what did Syfy do again? It’s part of a new curious sci-fi renaissance for Apple TV+’s science fiction originals—from Foundation and Invasion to Monarch: Legacy of Monsters and For All Mankind.

This list would be incomplete without Constellation too. The character-driven sci-fi action-drama/thriller stars Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus) as Jo Ericsson who is an astronaut with a troubled past after returning from space missions with heavy PTSD symptoms.” But maybe it’s more than just that. You can watch all eight episodes with elements of horror here and there; quantum meanderings; plot twists; and slow build-up enough to keep watching until Peter Harness finally leads us into a riveting final payoff that leaves you wanting more even though you knew something big was coming at some point…..Let’s look at this deeper.”

Noomi Rapace is perfect for this series with Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul) also starring in it; James D’Arcy who is seen in Oppenheimer; Davina & Rosie Coleman; William Catlett; Henry David; Carol Weyers, Barbara Sukowa, Julian Looman and Sandra Teles. constellation series is also opened by Director Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul/The Morning Show/The Walking Dead/Game Of Thrones) who directed its first two episodes.

This drama is evident from the opening scene. Jo’s frantic dash through the wilderness with Alice (the Coleman twins), her daughter right beside her. Something terrible must have happened but Jo’s memory is hazy. From here we go to the I.S.S where astronaut Jo and crew are faced with a disastrous incident. The results of this tragedy are drastic so Jo has to find a way back to earth in one of these shuttles. The others at ground control include Henry Caldera (Banks), a former astronaut/consultant and their family (D’Arcy Coleman) among others, watching.

Jo should be happy to come back home that day on Earth after all she had been through recently in space or even otherwise. But something feels off almost immediately for Jo. She didn’t think that it would affect her as much as it seems to have done now though. It becomes creepy and esoteric here, remaining like this for quite some time further on. Watch the show now and see how each episode shows they want more of what happened in space so that it can tell you what happened instead the nearer she gets, the closer she comes towards finding out reality appears distorted hence shape-shift perhaps which or is’nt? Is home exactly like when she left? That would be such an enjoyable thought morsel! And following that being explained is as interesting as it is head-scratching especially if you’re sci-fi adherents or lovers of intricate plots. Constellation is a Sci-Fi Series.

From the start to finish, Noomi Rapace’s performance is one of her best. She puts Jo through a very tough time. This really shows itself in the fourth episode when the show seems to find more of a consistent groove and Jo’s internal struggle begins to affect those around her more and more. Rapace deftly shows what matters most for Jo—her bond with her child, the reality she knew—and portrays a troubled character who we can get behind.

Then there’s Jonathan Banks—we’ll never tire of the former Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul alum. Henry is tired, gruff, and outspoken. But this becomes increasingly apparent throughout episodes that there might be some underlying information he has about why Jo is in such a predicament. Look how well he handles complexities required by his character and the emotional arena he must project—a lot of fun especially in those last two episodes.

William Catlett (Abigail, Black Lightening) plays astronaut Paul Lancaster, so keep your eyes glued to him as his presence in the series is key to some of its puzzle parts. Barbara Sukowa (Swarm) plays another crucial figure in the higher echelons of the space program, and whether her character is prepared to reveal her own secrets holds some intrigue in later episodes.

To sum it up, creator Peter Harness presents us with an epic science fiction story full of intricacies and unexpected twists. The characters are all fully formed as well as the final installments touch on deeper mother daughter bonds while exploring just how far parents would go for their children.

The stunning scenic landscapes also add richness to the story. The constellation series stumbles when its storyline fully bifurcates because there’s no time—ironic considering what they’re suggesting about “reality”—to flesh that out fully. The final shot could be called a gem because it will surely make people talk on social media like Silo did at its end scene. Buckle up. While this ride may be a little bumpy at times, you’ve got to love its fiery path and Apple TV+’s ongoing commitment to develop quality sci-fi programming in fertile creative soil that is already there.

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