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Boy Kills World is gonna make you its bitch and break your leg while doing it amid roars of laughter. The hyperkinetic actioner takes familiar themes to glorious heights with creative direction, an all-star cast, and surprising plot twists that reframe the narrative during a bold climax. Bill Skarsgård is incredible in a silent role. His deaf and mute hero crashes bad guys’ faces with expressive looks that tell it all. Hilarious voiceover by H. Jon Benjamin gives us the character’s thoughts. Boy Kills World never gets off the gas pedal. While some may find the adrenaline rush becomes tedious, thrill seekers will be in seventh heaven.

In a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future, the cold-hearted Hilda van der Koy (Famke Janssen) and her backstabbing siblings dominate a sprawling city through an iron hand. They use “Culling Day” as an opportunity to silence claims against them through public executions staged like theater performances. As for their real mastermind sister Melanie (Michelle Dockery), she has Gideon (Brett Gelman) work on devilish plans for such evil activities. Glen (Sharlto Copley), Melanie’s clueless arm candy, serves as host of the TV program where he also plays ring master in people’s killing frenzy June 27(Jessica Rothe) serves as their murdering muscle.Its helmet digitally broadcasts her intentions before she gleefully disembowels victims.

A young boy (Cameron Crovetti )pushes his cabbage cart through overcrowded streets .He reads the fears of others while witnessing van der Koy brutalities .Mina’s death along with his mother’s during Culling Day was something which stuck in Boys mind forever.His escape into the woods hardened a steely resolve for revenge.He learns how to become an unbeatable warrior under Shaman(Yayan Ruhian)s harsh instruction. Boy (Skarsgård), now an adult, is tired of training. He has to destroy the van der Koys at any price. But how he can get close to them?

Boy Kills World embodies all of the features of a hyper violent video game. It transcends that narrow scope by having interesting characters with far more depth than anyone would expect. German filmmaker Moritz Mohr makes an incredibly assured debut in peeling back layers through shrewdly constructed exposition. The surface does not reflect what lurks beneath.

The van der Koys are cut from different diabolical clothes . For instance, Gideon’s development as a character who wants to be respected as a writer is quite fascinating. He constantly takes his job seriously and abhors his sister Melanie s meddling into it. She doesn’t give two hoots about his artistic integrity.’By using bloodshed played on airwaves, she managed to keep the masses under control”. Her bread and circus spectacles have the singular intent of preserving their family’s authoritarian dynasty.Gelman, Dockery, and a scene-stealing Copley bring interpersonal heft and realism to the bloodbath.

Skarsgård is ripped playing the role hard physically yet nuanced . His tall, lanky frame seems carved out of stone as it lands punches kicks or shoots anything van der Koy related . However boy isn’t just some mindless killing machine . Instead ,a fighting game favorite’s inner voice reveals him as being scarred deep down while keeping up appearances.

In this, a boy interacts with a ghost of his late sister as like a moral guiding spirit. She is the angel that Boy always sees who tries to prevent a relentless massacre from happening but fails. Skarsgård’s haunted eyes are the window to his soul while Boy’s journey takes an unexpected turn. The film’s whopper reveals are stunning.

Mohr’s action scenes are dynamite wrapped in gasoline. His genius camera positioning takes in the incredible fight choreography through long and fluid lenses .This is particularly well done for example when Boy has to change direction quickly for instance. As he both strikes and defends himself, the camera swings around parabolically. Mohr does not speed up the action with edits or jump cuts. Timing is key in these set-ups; missing your mark ruins the shot. Mohr knows every position technically and how it progresses, but keeps Boy’s perspective in sight at all times. Hard to believe this was made by Mohr’s debut film since he has so much potential in Hollywood.

The visual aspects of the movie are trippy making comedy funnier than usual here. It wouldn’t be wrong to call him Loco Shaman, would it? Craziness doesn’t even begin to describe it though .While Boy imagines things too much, Mohr goes overboard in some cases of these illustrations. Some hilarious scenes will have others rolling on the floor laughing and leave more dumbfounded .Mohr’s ping ponging between stupid and bloody mayhem isn’t everyone’s cup of tea either.Along with its frenzied storytelling style , this results in a fire hose delivery that could be argued as being too fast paced for any good reasons perceived.May 17th will see Roadside Attractions & Lionsgate release their trailer.

Boy Kills World is made by Nthibah Pictures, Hammerstone Studios Raimi Productions, and Vertigo Entertainment. It will be distributed theatrically on April 26 by Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate.

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