Three Holes and a Smoking Gun Movie Review

Three Holes and a Smoking Gun

James Wilder delivers an outstanding performance as the struggling screenwriter James. His desperate attempts at reinvigorating his career motivate him to do some reckless acts that make for compelling viewing.

Jack Ariamehr (Zuher Khan) writes a potential blockbuster screenplay which draws in Bobby Blue Day (his teacher). This sets into motion an unfolding series of events of greed and deceit that unfold before Bobby Blue Day himself.
Starring: Shia LaBeouf

Three Holes and a Smoking Gun features an ensemble cast of talented actors and is an entertaining neo-noir thriller with some impressive twists. While its plot can sometimes seem outlandish, its script flows well and the performances are fine. Its only flaw lies in its incredulousness that proves frustrating during viewing.

Hilarion Banks directs this story of a screenwriter who turns to murder to regain their Hollywood-winning script. James Wilder excels as Bobby, once an outstanding writer now teaching. His sweaty desperation comes across perfectly while Zuher Khan stands out as Jack – one of Wilder’s students who has written what appears to be groundbreaking screenplays under Wilder’s tutelage.

Though its plot is slightly unlikely, it remains captivating to observe what people will do to attain fame and fortune. Additionally, this movie delves deep into greed and corruption within Hollywood; thus making the experience especially realistic.
Director: Hilarion Banks

While Banks’ visual eye is undeniably competent during scenes set in Jack’s sparsely decorated apartment. And occasional on-location trips to Manhattan or Los Angeles. He does a fantastic job creating an authentic low-budget film experience.

However, this story’s central issue lies with its unrealisability. The idea that an exceptional screenplay could be so valuable that people would do anything to gain possession is absurd; and there’s no logical reason for an ex-Hollywood screenwriter to give away their prized creation so easily.

The film benefits from an impressive supporting cast, particularly James Wilder as Bobby, played by Rudolf Martin with exceptional performances as both Bobby and Zuher Khan (a student who claims he wrote an epic script). Unfortunately, however, its story makes little sense and its conclusion a nonsensical mess despite Martin’s brilliant acting abilities.
Screenplay: Scott Fivelson

Three Holes and a Smoking Gun is an engaging drama that explores the perils of Hollywood. Depicting how fame and fortune are often distributed unevenly. It tells the tale of a washed-up screenwriter and his ambitious student locked in a struggle over authorial rights to what could become one of the greatest scripts ever written.

James Wilder has established himself as an award-winning actor. His performances earned him recognition at both the London Film Festival Best Lead Actor award for Dial L for Latch-Key stage play and in American Reel (2003) film about rock musician Oskar Knight – winning him yet another top billing accolade in both of these productions. James earned this award thanks to portraying an ambitious washed up writer looking for new opportunities in Hollywood.

Though its narrative may seem unlikely, its most convincing element is Wilder’s portrayal of sweaty desperation as played out through her character. Wilder truly shines as an actor and deserves recognition with an Oscar nomination for his remarkable performance.
Cast: Joaquin de Almeida

Joaquim de Almeida has appeared in over 90 films and TV shows since he began acting at age 13. Starting off in theater, his transition into film began with 1987’s Good Morning Babylon; which garnered international recognition. Additionally he’s appeared in various action flicks like Clear and Present Danger (1994) and Desperado (1995), playing Felix Cortez/Buco as well as Ramon Salazar/Hernan Reyes on 24 and Fast Five respectively.

3 Holes and a Smoking Gun’s plot centers around an irresistibly good screenplay that people would do anything for. James Wilder excels as the main protagonist, lending the film its noir-styled thriller-ness.

Joaquim de Almeida began his career in Lisbon, Portugal before switching over to film. As an actor he has performed at many of the world’s major theaters and spoken multiple languages fluently; winning numerous awards such as the Golden Globe Award. And Best Actor at Cairo Film Festival for his performances.
Performances: Shia LaBeouf

LaBeouf may be one of the most divisive figures in Hollywood. Yet his talent as an actor shines when portraying characters who are both vulnerable and resilient. From playing Louis Stevens on Even Stevens to his turn as the scarred protagonist in Disturbia. LaBeouf has proven that he can carry any film on his own.

Shia LaBeouf can deliver whether it’s an action flick or family flick – here are just a few of his great performances:

Shia LaBeouf impresses critics in this critically acclaimed film with his riveting performance as Stanley Yelnats – his first major role. LaBeouf draws audiences into this deeply engaging character who leaves them wanting more from him.

Shia LaBeouf delivers his most emotive performance to date in this road trip drama. Playing Tyler, a small-time outlaw who becomes a surrogate big brother to Zak (an individual living with Down syndrome), their relationship is both tender and endearing; making this underrated film one that should not be missed! Anyone who admires Shia should definitely watch it.
Performances: James Wilder

James Wilder is what elevates this film despite its sub-par dialogue and acting; his performance as Bobby. A washed up screenwriter teaching newcomer Jack to write has an ambitious script which captures Bobby’s attention, leading them both into an intricate web of deceit and greed.

Three Holes and a Smoking Gun may have made for an engaging stage thriller. But ultimately falters when translated to screen. Partly due to Wilder’s tireless performance as protagonist Tommy Wilder, its promise only partly delivered.

Wilder is so convincing in his portrayal of James that you almost find yourself rooting for him even as he chases after his son. And attempts to juggle three running chainsaws. A versatile performer, Wilder has done everything from street theater to high-profile roles on film – even creating his own one-man show on Broadway! His passion for artistic creation manifests itself through performing feats such as this.
Performances: Khleo Thomas

3 Holes and a Smoking Gun may satisfy your need for an involving, dialogue-heavy thriller that plays like an endlessly repeating neo-noir sequence, yet still manages to keep its audience gripped throughout its running time. Unfortunately, though, its flaws are evident from its start; for one thing. Its central premise seems quite unrealistic – an unproduced screenplay so great that people are willing to die for it!

James Wilder is exceptional as the movie explores human greed. However, this performance from him stands out; he effortlessly conveys sweaty desperation of once-great screenwriter who now finds himself washed up and desperate for another shot at glory. James is by far the most impressive performer in an otherwise incoherent tale; others try their best but are constrained by an overly-talky script. It results in an exercise in neo-noir excess that never quite rises up to its own self-referential absurdity.
Performances: Rebecca Mae Palmer

This entertaining little drama offers an intense tale about human greed. With sharp dialogue, seamless action scenes, strong performances from its cast of actors and an atmospheric score to set the atmosphere, this entertaining thriller delivers. However, its main flaw lies with characters never quite coming alive on-screen.

This film follows a young screenwriter as they present what seems to be their masterpiece unproduced script to their teacher, who remains skeptical. Once their teacher reads through it, things quickly unravel as everyone becomes eager to claim ownership over its contents.

Zuher Khan and James Wilder give excellent performances as leads, with Joaquin de Almeida making an outstanding showing as the film’s duplicitous producer. Rebecca Mae Palmer adds another layer to the story by portraying Sailor Stewart; international actor Rudolf Martin makes cameo appearances as a junkie hemophiliac. While NCIS star Howard McNair makes cameo appearances as Hijack’s real writer! Overall, Three Holes and a Smoking Gun makes for an engaging watch that’s well worth your time!

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