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This year, Uma Thurman collaborates with Samuel L. Jackson for the first time since “Pulp Fiction”, in the breezy black comedy that lampoons the art world’s inflated ego. It has a desperate, Adderall dependent gallerist; an indebted contract killer; and a Black Jewish baker who hilariously gets entangled in mob money-laundering scheme that goes completely out of control. The killing spree shows get an unexpected avant-garde rendition as the wealthy are captivated by its brutal honesty. A glaring spotlight on their criminal deeds stirs up big trouble and compels our mismatched heroes to come up with even crazier getaway tactics.

Patrice Capullo (Thurman) snorts Adderall off her office desk while a new intern struggles to get customers to the art gallery. Leslie (Amy Keum) comes in with a stack of bills, collection notices, and credit warnings for her broke boss. The scene shifts when once she was this arts darling, now reduced into being laughed at by her posh clique colleagues. Two visitors make today more annoying. Grace (Maya Hawke) can’t understand why no one is buying her artwork. She has worked 40 hours that week but got only 50 dollars left after she paid Nate (Matthew Maher), her drug dealer or boyfriend who needed cash before he could offer anything else or whatever else you want me to write here . Patrice talks him into accepting one painting instead of money.

Meanwhile Reggie (Joe Manganiello) in Brooklyn finishes yet another hit like only Reggie can do it. He prefers using plastic shopping bags to suffocate his victims. Either pay back your mafia loans or face retribution! After committing this act of murder he returns back to Neptune Bakery where he works as well as lives in New York State . Gordon (Jackson) voices out how they are going to go on dealing business for their bosses. They have to find another way of laundering money. And that other thing came to him when he would go collect for Nate and see the sick picture.

Patrice didn’t like someone like Gordon or whatever that walked through her door. After more embarrassing slights as a has-been, his offer sounds more inviting. The question then remains: where will they get the paintings? “Just paint anything” is what Reggie can hear from an ignorant idiot who bought painting materials for him, Gordon. Who cares if you can’t draw to save your life? It’s only a means to an end . He gives this horrible piece of art to Patrice and wants to know who painted it. In the simplest language ever, he tells her to call the anonymous painter “The Bagman.”

Within moments of a short open, The Kill Room’s plot thickens. From a mile away it is so predictable but you can’t help but watch anyway because it’s all about… Reggie Savoy’s paintings are larceny tools on canvas that become instantly coveted by high society collectors. Who is this mystery artist known as The Bagman taking New York by storm? Patrice basks in her return but does not know Reggie or where he gets his inspiration from yet she still believe that they are drug dealers like Nate who sucks at being a human being and needs money even just right now in case he were out of drugs too and had no cash whatsoever . For those wishing some explanations – people were indeed lining up for stuffs such as “Smurf diarrhea.” Now bosses will make them all vanish with undue publicity .

The picture, not for the faint-hearted, portrays Reggie in bloody plastic bag action. It is not a pretty sight to say the least. However, he is not a deranged madman like Gordon but indebted to organized crime. Reggie has filled numerous morgues; however, beneath it all he’s just a poor soul caught up in a terrible situation. What surprises me most about Manganiello is his acting is really quite touching sometimes.

He’s strangling this man with all his might to where the victim’s legs swing around frantically as he flays him on the wall and paints after that in artistic manner. A friendship develops with Patrice that drives the narrative. Her discovery of what the works of art actually meant was so funny that I laughed out loud at it.

Jackson also known as “The Black Dreidel” (to culturally insensitive mobsters who poke fun at his conversion to Judaism) does his usual thing here. He likes using f-bombs and mother-effers as much as flour when baking Bialys or what have you. The good news is that Gordon, like Reggie, is personable despite his constant stream of profanity. There’s a lot of ham to the performance but it fits in context of story, yarmulke et al.

Thurman switches between cultured society and criminals quickly for our amusement here and there. Some of her best scenes are spent talking to gullible moneyed individuals whom she meets along her path. Friendsgiving director Nicol Paone takes great pleasure in mocking rich buyers and their sycophants and sniveling gallery assistants alike . Be that as it may, whether or not the art is good doesn’t matter at all because they want Reggie’s paintings for other reasons altogether other than just appreciating art itself.Thus,it’s interesting how they desire these pieces due to its affiliation with status among them.The listless egos fill their pockets with cash for a Bagman.

This unpredictable climax is down to scriptwriter Jonathan Jacobson. His story has legs. Patrice isn’t a foolish character. Having been the brain behind such an amazing fun ending, she used her brain alright. The Kill Room succeeds with sharp humor, cast chemistry and enjoyable pacing. Thurman and Jackson are still good onscreen together after 30 years.

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