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Peaky Blinders is a crime drama created by Steven Knight which is set in post World War I Birmingham, 1919 England. The main character is Thomas Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy), the leader of a historical gang called the Peaky Blinders (who get their name from the razor blades they keep concealed in their caps). He struggles to protect his family and grow an empire on the streets after the First World War. The television show begins with a true story; when Thomas finds cratefuls of missing machine guns that are heavily sought after by government agents he chooses not to turn them over but rather hide them so as to use them as bargaining chips thereby coming into contact with Chief Inspector Chester Campbell (Sam Neil), an Irish detective who is as brutal and unconventional in his methods as are those whom he pursues. It is absolutely amazing watching this man climb up through all these levels within criminal organizations – it’s intense as hell, exciting af and that’s why I love it!

Peaky Blinders has got so many interesting characters who are also conflicted too; everyone here was written well with sharp dialogue given out for each actor/actress involved being at cutting edge performance level every single time without exception. For instance, Cillian Murphy acted perfectly taking into consideration what was expected from him since playing such kind of role demands showing both sides i.e., good versus bad hence making audience feel like they can relate more closely towards this particular figure while empathizing deeply over what he has gone through due being born on wrong side or street life . Such outstanding talents cannot be left unnoticed especially Paul Anderson whose representation of Arthur Shelby – eldest brother amongst all Shelbys – emotionally unstable plus desperately volatile made it one my powerful performances ever witnessed, Helen McCrory did great job playing Polly Gray (family’s headstrong mother figure); we’ve got strong females within here too including Annabelle Wallis as Grace Burgess . Personally speaking though, Charlie Creed-Miles who played Billy Kimber remains one my favorite characters throughout show’s duration; foul-mouthed cockney maniac with him around there is always that highly dangerous atmosphere which tends to crack me up big time even when things get too serious sometimes while Tom Hardy acting as Alfie Solomons carried same intensity level but mixed slightly comedic tone beneath.

Peaky Blinders was shot well because designers were determined enough about making it look real hence everything used in entire production process had to be taken into consideration starting from sets design – they managed capturing suffering industrial city perfectly thereby giving us very bleak and depressing feeling but at same time being visually beautiful through excellent camera work; costume designers, make-up artists along other people involved with Peaky Blinders‘ appearance did an amazing job indeed such that no one could tell difference between watching this show or looking outside window there right where you are sitting reading these words – yes, it’s that perfect! Also songs chosen during each season were quite interesting since some them helped capturing certain breathtaking moments e.g., using more modern music within program itself was good choice made by whoever responsible for such selections because it added more authenticity into story telling process unlike Boardwalk Empire whose music felt authentic but never would any song from there have found its way onto my iPod; however Jack White , Love is Blindness alone PJ Harvey When Under Ether as well Ane Brun All My Tears might just do trick here for me personally before going on comparing both shows together viz-a-viz period settings etc…

My only complaint is that each seasons has only six episodes, and so far there are just two of them. There’s a third season confirmed but why can’t they match the standard length of American seasons? They’re always so short, I guess you could say short and sweet but I’d just point to The Sopranos or any of the long running American shows as proof that quality and quantity aren’t mutually exclusive. There’s an open market here, everyone would get paid, it just needs to be promoted right, stop watching the fucking X Factor and start supporting quality television people! This is an important show, in that, from what I’ve seen, it’s the first English TV series to really capture that crime drama genre as well as America has. The UK needs to put more funding into shows like this, I’m glad Netflix has caught onto it though.PB along with TD are pioneers of British television; we’re great at music and we’re great at comedy but these prove we’re good at gritty HBO-style crime dramas too without having to carry that fucking tone of filthy depression ,we’re good at it ,but no one wants to see that . Films like ill Manors where you just wanna take a shower afterwards and wipe Plan B’s spit off your face, its nothing like that ,its actually enjoyable to watch . More of this please!

Peaky Blinders is a great show, the writing is fantastic ,the cinematography is beautiful and the performances are superb ,every character is well realised and the story unpredictable ,you’re on this journey with Thomas Shelby but you don’t know what his plan is or whether or not you can even trust him which keeps you consistently on the edge of your seat trying to guess what’s gonna happen next but he’s always one step ahead of you,and its a thrilling ride from start to finish,I can’t wait for season 3! In my opinion this is a staple in British television, the cross over point where we’ll likely (hopefully!) start to see an increase in the quality of our TV shows, especially with the success of Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead, fringe television has moved into the mainstream which is gonna force all the cable companies follow suit and I’m hoping that leads to more funding from companies in the UK like Channel 4 into projects like this! If you loved Boardwalk Empire you’re gonna love Peaky Blinders too, it’s short but it is sweet.

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