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Owen Wilson imitates Bob Ross as Carl Nargle, a quiet and bearded artist for Vermont public television. The medium has captivated fans for decades with his warm portrayals of Mt. Mansfield which is labeled by its watchers as the most picturesque site. Female coworkers in particular dream about making love to him right on the back seat of his ‘70s van, covered with soft Portuguese flannel cloth and a whiff of radiator fluid. However, there is a new young and lively lady who may become more popular than Carl at the station. His dry humor, corny outfits, and sexual storyline might just have you in stitches! But let’s face it, not everybody appreciates such kind of humor.

Carl floats gently into the studio carrying a pipe ready to tape another episode. Tony Krut (Stephen Root) as the director ensures everything is set for their leading man. Wendy (Wendi McLendon-Covey) and Beverly (Lusia Strus), stage hands display affection towards this new intern Jenna (Lucy Freyer) who waits to bring his framed masterpiece home after shooting. His ex-girlfriend Katherine (Michaela Watkins), the assistant general manager is not seduced by his charms anymore. A montage then follows of people watching TV in different locations such as bars or nursing homes.

Jenna enthusiastically invites Carl out for dinner at “the best place in town”, where they would get cheese-dipped anything else that he likes. This reminds Wendy and Beverly about their wild rides in Kip’s van; jealousy grips them instantly upon seeing them together again, while Carl does not seem interested during this cheese feast however he remembers after 22 years of dating Katherine way before that overweening attitude was developed within him; hence she ruins it all for him by telling the truth: Katherine cheated on him before finally dumping him.

The next day surprises at work that hit hard on Carl were Tony’s hiring of Ambrosia (Ciara Renée) to host a painting program immediately after his. However, she also adds a bloodthirsty UFO element to her paintings on nature. It turns out that viewership and funds have precipitously dropped. This is what Ambrosia wants since her audacious artwork reaps huge rewards in terms of ratings. Carl hates this the most because he knows that Katherine is attracted to rising stars.

Bob Ross fans can rest easy because director/ writer Brit McAdams (Katt Williams: American Hustle, Tosh.0) does not portray the famous painter as a lascivious womanizer. Wilson plays Carl as a nice guy who believes he deserves everything good in life. His fame as Vermont’s number one artist brings him flocks of groupies and an inflated ego; however, there is more than meets the eye here, because deep down inside he wants nothing more than for people to see him as being a serious artist whose works would be exhibited at a reputable establishment like Burlington Museum of Art; he also acknowledges that Ambrosia’s paintings are better than his own, which forces him to face fears regarding inadequacy and the loss of his beloved Katherine.

The film is full of sex but not in some perverted or gratuitous way at all. There’s no nudity or cursing .However all their mischief is demonstrated without being shown; it isn’t right for Carl to date his subordinates anyway – this is part of the fun they are always chasing after me so fast through the office suite – nor does he get away with it when it comes from Ambrosia who has her own lusts to contend with too! It is absolutely hilarious how so many different women keep coming back home with her throughout these portions all ending up at her parents’!: This ill contrasts with Carl’s hippie van escapades.

There will definitely be those who do not like Paint – the movie has a thin storyline, using sight gags and an experienced cast to amplify the script’s humor that is never overdone. McAdams’ laid back style will not appeal to those who want a loud version of Bob Ross. As someone who loves pop culture, I found it entertaining and respectful lampooning of a modern day icon.

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