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There are times when a film has an extraordinary combination of writing and acting that allows the audience to get so absorbed into the beautiful performance and movie. Millie Lies Low is just one of those movies, and Ana Scotney in the title role gives one of the freshest performances this year from a screen artist. It’s also worth mentioning that Michelle Savill, who directed Millie Lies Low, also co-wrote it with Eli Kent. If you think about it, there’s a bit of everyone with Millie.

Basically we can say: Girl gets messed up; girl stays strong despite all odds; girl fights her way out of trouble. So follow me. At Wellington airport in New Zealand, Milly has a panic attack while onboard to New York City on an airplane then disembarks before it takes off. Bad move. But she needs to go to New York because she has been offered this amazing architecture internship where she will only compete against five other students. Now what? In a massive freak-out mode, she starts posting online as though everything is according to plan – some dreamy plane view image and then finally an alley photo which symbolizes Big Apple for her. From here on, she devises plans on how she can raise enough money that will facilitate her travel as well as cater for other expenses while at New York at the same time for such high priced tickets bought last minute. The setup is quick and sweet since Savill quickly captures our attention through his premise and his writing right from the beginning of this interesting comedy drama.

Michelle Savill is from New Zealand where Millie Lies Low marks her debut feature film as a director. It is based upon events in her life leading up to trying & failing to fly to France for a festival with short piece Ellen Is Leaving (2009). She was late by one day for that cursed flight and missed it completely along with shamelessly sharing online photos that made everything look fine. The big unique thing about this film, however, is that Millie feels suddenly like she has lost her whole future.

Predominantly, Savill keeps the camera focused on Scotney’s character, Millie as she wanders around (bops). Trying to make her way back into town while panicking secretly. Seeing if her friend will pay off the car that Millie sold earlier than intended. Negative. By sneaking back into her architecture college Milly hopes to find another way to New York City. No success achieved from this. And in such emotionally charged scenes somewhere along the line of trying too hard to surf all through these difficult times, Millie’s quest turns into a social media fiasco of fake identity and posting. Strangely enough she becomes not quite hypomanic but rather enamored with all of it. She lives in a dream world. But can she find her way out?

What a trip it is for us to watch our beloved Millie go crazy? Scotney totally plays the part and does so with spunk and depth galorewards which are truly spectacular for one actor alone? Keep your eyes on this actress – there’s something special about her acting on a stage or in front of a camera for real!

Jillian Nguyen, Chris Alosio, Sam Cotton, Karen O’Leary and Rachel House who plays Millie’s mum all feature in Millie Lies Low. One of the standout scenes between Scotney and House involves a Philippine folk dance that Millie’s mum pushes her daughter to learn. This also shows more of how sensitive Millie is on the inside. How accurate it is.

Michelle Savill, through this highly entertaining movie takes us through a journey that captures human nature and its insecurities for we all seem to have some. Or thereabouts. Many ways everyman can be used to refer to Millie. And today, when only what lives online on a given social media site seems real, it makes one feel empty lonely lost and anxious hence modern man or woman has become so. It goes without saying that this is quite an unusual film which does not sound like preaching yet manages to include everything.

Towards the end of the movie where Millie has fewer opportunities left, this awkward and very interesting story attracts viewers’ attention too much enough for them to care about it any further due to cringing at their seats while watching it unfold on screen before their eyes. Let alone what will come out next from screenwriters such as these two ladies in particular or another party involved who might surprise you with twists at every stage of the development in relation towards their collaborative effort ending up being unexpected all around. But then again Scotney keeps the screen alive all time he appears on it by sheer force of his acting talent.whichever way you look at it , there are bits about millie lies low like i said above worth mentioning.Because they knew they had made something special that would surely generate excitement around its release or soon after if not several years later; bravo!

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